Sunday, November 6, 2011

See you later, Savannah

by Meghann on November 6, 2011

It’s crazy how quickly marathon race days seem to fly by.

Ben and I crossed the finish line around noon, but searching for food, eating food, taking the shuttle buses back to our car, and driving the car back to our motel, meant we didn’t make it back to our home base until right around 4. And with dinner plans at 6:30, we barely had time to catch our breath before we were back in the car heading out again.

Hotels within 15 miles of the Savannah race start were very limited and had booked up almost as soon as they announced the race 10 months ago. We ended up making our hotel reservations a little over a month ago and had to settle on a small motel about 30 minutes from the race start. The motel wasn’t bad, but we wasted so much time going back and forth between downtown Savannah and where we were staying in the middle of nowhere, that I really didn’t see the city.

This made me sad because I really never had a chance to really explore Savannah. Even after running 26.2 miles of it, I never got to see anything that makes the city famous. I would love to return in the very near future and actually see more than half a street of downtown.

Ben, Katy, Danielle, and I were able to return to downtown one last time last night for a quick dinner and dessert with a few friends who had also rocked Savannah that morning.


CONGRATS to first-time marathoners Paula and Michelle, second-time marathoner Alyson, and half marathoners Tina and Julie on all busting our new PRs (and PDRs) in Savannah!


That’s about as close to a group shot as I got. 😉 I was ultra-casual last night and – while everyone else was super cute and glamorous – I rolled up with no make-up, crazy hair, and a FSU shirt I usually sleep in. I was definitely following the ‘I just ran a marathon and I don’t care what I look like’ rule. 😉

The group swapped marathon and half marathon stories. Some of us were already eager to sign up for our next race, while others were planning to hold off just a bit. We all agreed that the early neighborhoods were the best part of the race and that we never want to run on a highway with a headwind again. It was a good meal filled with lots of stories, laughter, and pure runner highs.

I had a Rosemary IPA to start with


And had pretty much decided what I wanted to order before I even walked in the door. A big, juicy burger is my FAVORITE post-marathon treat. I. Ate. It. All.


With a side salad for some greens.


We all were in the mood for some dessert after dinner and a quick tweet chat with Ashley (who is currently rocking NYC!!!) led us to Leopold’s.




There was no question what I was going to order – one scoop of pumpkin spice please. 🙂


So. Good.

I think I’ve moved out of my fro-yo phase and have found my way back to real ice cream. Lately there isn’t a comparison with which one I’m currently craving. The real ice cream was the perfect ending to a good day of racing. 🙂

We all crashed hard last night and – thanks to the extra hour – enjoyed 9+ hours of sleep. Love that! We immediately hit the road home and stopped at the first Cracker Barrel that we saw from the road for breakfast.


You can always count on Cracker Barrel for quick pancakes and eggs along the interstate.


I couldn’t finish it all, but it sure tasted great trying. 😉


I had flown to Savannah from L.A. on Friday, but I was road tripin’ it to my parents’ house from Savannah this morning.



Road trip buddies!!

IMG_1027.JPG IMG_1028.JPG

While Ben drove I gave him the New York City Marathon play-by-play via twitter.


Can you believe that finish from Dado at the end?! I was rooting hard for Keitany, but she was really struggling towards the end. Also, BIG congrats to Meb for a new personal best! Woo hoo!

More congrats to ALL the New York marathoners this morning! I pretty much decided this morning that I want to run that race next year no matter what. I would love to run for MS in memory of my grandfather. Is it too early to register?! 😉

I had an apple on the road and dug into my Dad’s homemade fried rice as soon as we made it to my parents’.


Yum. 🙂

Making it to my parents’ house was great, but I was still a little over two hours from Tampa. So close, yet so far!

Luckily, my Dad agreed to take me halfway and Derek met us in the middle to bring me home. Woo hoo! After 7 days of traveling across the country, I finally made it home!

I chowed down on some unpictured plantain chips and dark chocolate covered espresso beans and immediately passed out on the couch. Felt. So. Good.

Dinner was my favorite go-to veggie-ful meal: roasted vegetables with pasta sauce, ricotta cheese, and hummus.


(sorry for the crappy camera phone photo. I was having camera issues and was just ready to eat at this point.)

I’m currently cuddling with Maddie and watching football.

Feels good to be home!!

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