Thursday, October 20, 2011

On The Road Again

by Meghann on October 20, 2011

Now, THIS is what I call a road trip.


  • Comfy backseat I can stretch out on
  • Netflix app on my phone that instantly streams Felicity (I only have 5 more episodes left!!)
  • Plenty of food and snacks
  • A Dad who loves to drive and never lets anyone else take over the wheel
  • And the promise of beautiful mountain air in 8 hours or less

Sounds good to me. 😉


(Ben got Lauren pregnant?!? What?! What?!)

My parents and I are on our way to Tennessee to enjoy a little taste of fall in the mountains. We have big plans of  apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hiking, and seeing some pretty leaves .

The trip has turned into an annual outing for my parents, but this is the first time I’ve been able to join them. I’ve never been to an apple orchard or seen a real pumpkin patch, so I’m very excited to take part in all the fall festivities. I’m even more excited for the cooler weather – I had to dig some long sleeve shirts and boots out of my closet just for the occasion!

Before we left my parents’ house earlier this afternoon, I was able to snag some yogurt with cereal and grapes as a pre-road trip snack.


For someone who grew up in a family of 6 (and took many, many, many road trips all over the U.S. with all siblings in tow) it feels strange to have the backseat to myself on this trip. I’m used to traveling in a big conversion van, hauling a camper in the back, and fighting over who gets the middle seats versus who shares the back. And if any of us brought friends? forget about it. One camping trip my brother brought his girlfriend, I brought my friend Allison, and we had a total of 6 kids vying for a chance to have their own seat in the front. Let’s just say there was a LOT of tension between us that week.

How did my parents ever do it? Insanity.


This trip is a little more peaceful with minimal traffic and plenty of peace and quiet on the road.

We made it as far as northern Georgia before pulling over and calling it a night (we’re continuing on to Tennessee in the morning).

My goal was to pack a picnic for the road, but that didn’t happen. Instead we stopped at my road trip stand-by: Chick Fil A.


I don’t love fast food, but I do enjoy Chick-Fil-A when the occasion calls for it. Usually I swear by their chicken and fruit salad, but the weather seemed to call for the soup and salad combo.


The chicken noodle soup was a little salty, but warm and comforting on.


The side salad was full of veggies and greens.


I can’t believe how late it is already! We have an early morning planned with a bit of a surprise in the works. Stay tuned. 😉

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