Monday, October 3, 2011

Avoiding Smelly Fish

by Meghann on October 3, 2011

Do you know how to reheat left over seafood? It took me forever to figure out the proper way to do it.


I made the mistake at my old job of attempting to reheat left over fried fish in the microwave of the community kitchen. The results left me less than popular with my co-workers. In fact, I think I was jokingly banned from using the microwave for the rest of the week – they took smelly kitchens very seriously at my office!

Besides the awful smell, the fish was soggy and rubbery – no good. From then on I relied on the toaster oven to reheat my left over seafood (when no one was looking, of course). Not as smelly and a crispier fish made the toaster oven a clear winner.


I don’t have a toaster oven in my current kitchen (they take up too much counter space for my liking), but the broiler option on the oven works just fine. A couple of minutes on each side and my leftover shrimp and fish from last night were just as tasty as they were 15 hours prior.


They made the perfect salad topping with corn, sweet potato fries, and a cocktail sauce dressing.


The Whole Foods bottle of cocktail sauce was on sale for $3.95 last night. $3.95?! For a little bottle of cocktail sauce?! I could do better than that.


One already-owned-bottle of ketchup and one $1.47 bottle of horseradish did the trick just fine thankyouverymuch. ๐Ÿ˜‰


My cubicle used to be right downwind from the office kitchen. Somedays it would be really good (frozen meals always smell so yummy when heated up in the microwave) and somedays it would be very bad (I wasn’t the only who tried the fish-in-the-microwave trick). Everyday you weren’t quite sure what to expect come noon time.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had someone try to reheat in your office kitchen (or at home)? I think the exploding Indian Food takeout will always be a favorite of mine. The worst part was when no one would own up to it (after it exploded) and Indian Food covered the microwave for a week. No cool.

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