Friday, September 23, 2011

Fish Bones

by Meghann on September 23, 2011

As promised…


Doesn’t it make you want to giggle just a little bit? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t worry Josh – I still love you! What else are sisters for?!

Today was a good day.

Not only did I get to see my twin brother who I haven’t seen in 3 months, but – as an added bonus – I got to hang out with my Grandma A.


My grandma rocks. Obviously.

We met her for lunch at a local seafood joint called Catfish. It was a beautiful location, right on the water and packed for lunch on a Friday.


We were quoted a 40 minute wait, but sat in 10.


The restaurant is known for their salad bar, so I kept it easy for lunch and ordered the soup and salad bar combo.

The soup was the ‘Pot Likker Soup’ and contained turnip greens, collards, black eyed peas, and ham. It was a true southern comfort cup of soup and I loved it.


Random cheese grits and cornbread.


The main event.


I loaded my plate with a taste of everything the salad bar had to offer. My favorite? the pickled okra! It’s something my little brother always keeps stocked in the fridge, but I never think to buy it on my own. Pickled okra sounds strange, but it’s the perfect mix of chewy, salty, and green.


My grandmother shared a piece of shrimp with me and my Dad gave me some of his catfish.


Speaking of catfish… this was different.


The catfish fingerlings (they’re signature dish) were served bone -in and you were instructed to eat it ‘like a rib’ straight from the fish. My Dad and brother LOVED it.


hmmm… I think I prefer my fish boneless. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Each meal came with a signature cinnamon bun and hush puppy for dessert. I had half of each.


Lunch was fab, but the rest of the afternoon was rush, rush, rush!

My siblings and I are currently on the road on our way to Augusta!

Look out Georgia, here we come!!!!!

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