Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Speedy With T3

by Meghann on September 13, 2011

Holy 400s, Batman!


It’s official – I LOVE Tuesday night track practice with the Tamp Tri Team.

I love running with this group because, well, they make me look sane! Seriously! These athletes are hardcore. For most of them the speedwork on the track was their second or third workout of the day and when it came time for each new lap there was minimal complaining. These are dedicated triathletes and it’s such an inspiration to run with them.


I met T3 (Tampa Tri Team) at the track around 6:30 this evening for a typical 3 mile stint. We were instructed to complete 10 x 400s at our sub-5k pace. We had a one minute break between each 400 and a recovery jog every 800.

We all started at once and naturally fell into our own pace groups. I ended up running with my buddy A, which was great. We’re about the same pace naturally, so we were able to push each other through the intervals, then tri-chat during our recovery jogs. It’s always great motivation to have a running partner on the track to push you to your limits.

Surprisingly, I felt great on the track. 400s are my favorite intervals because they’re so quick. I mean one lap around the track?! Who can’t handle that? Of course, when you’re going at close to full speed, by the 7th lap you’re ready to puke. Those recovery jogs really saved me in the end.


Here’s how my intervals worked out. I’m SUPER proud of these numbers, so I just had to share! I’m telling you – there is no better high than kicking butt on the track!

  • 800 – Warm Up (untimed)
  • 1:37 (6:30)
  • 1:38 (6:39)
  • 2:24 (9:31) <– Recovery
  • 1:39 (6:40)
  • 1:39 (6:40)
  • 2:18 (9:19) <– Recovery
  • 1:38 (6:38)
  • 1:40 (6:47)
  • 2:38 (10:12) <– Recovery
  • 1:40 (6:49)
  • 1:43 (6:51)
  • 800 – Cool Down (untimed)

I averaged a 6:43 pace for the 400s. Not bad! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Side note: I purchased the new sports bra from Target right before I headed to the track. (One of the downsides to Target being right next to the track is the many impulse purchases I see in the future whenever I arrive early) It’s the seamless series from Champion and it was super comfortable and supportive during the run. Also, I loved the color. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I spent the afternoon working at Starbucks today. I had this brilliant idea to ask for a pump of pumpkin spice in my iced coffee, but the idea ended up not being so brilliant. I believe pumpkin spice was meant to be served warm, not iced.


Luckily, the barista was super sweet about it and switched my drink out for a regular iced coffee and soymilk without any worries.


Some people charge laptops at Starbucks, I charge my Garmin. #YouKnowYou’reARunnerWhen


A new Odwalla bar randomly arrived in my mailbox yesterday (don’t you love when that happens?) and today it seemed like the perfect afternoon snack.


Just like the White Chocolate Macadamia Luna and Clif Bars, this flavor was SWEET. I think it’s the white chocolate chips – they’re like pure sugar.


If you like granola bars that taste like a candy bar, then this is for you. Personally, I prefer the darker, nuttier flavors with only a subtle sweetness to them. To each their own. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Track practice really messes with my stomach. I leave feeling like I want to puke – not like I want to eat anything. However, the idea of pizza entered my head and would not go away. Had their been a decent pizza joint that delivered to my area, I would have called them in a heartbeat. But, there’s not, so I improvised.


(Ignore the expiration date, I pulled these out of the freezer)


Meh. Pita pizzas are good on their own, but as a substitute for a genuine pizza craving? No dice.


Also, swiss cheese is not the same as mozzarella and onions and mushrooms need longer than 5 minutes to cook in the over. I’m just too impatient sometimes.



Dessert was a little better – one graham cracker with an attune chocolate bar.


Like a smore, only better ( not a fan of marshmallows ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

I’m THIRSTY! TIme to load up on water, then head to bed.

Good Night!!

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