Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheap Shoes

by Meghann on August 29, 2011

*warning photos of my feet ahead*



Savage Race really did a number on my legs this weekend. I can blame the huge blister on the mix of cheap shoes and mud, but that scratch and bruise? Still trying to figure that one out. 😉

I had quite a few questions inquiring about my decision to wear said cheap shoes. Well, let me explain…


Before I moved in with Derek last March I recovered TEN pairs of old running shoes from my closet. I thought to myself ‘I don’t NEED ten pairs of old running shoes, let me keep two pairs and donate the rest.’ So I did.


Flash forward to June, when I ran Champions Mud Bash in a pair of the old shoes I kept.


Adios shoes!

They never made it home.

I did purchase a new pair of running shoes back in April (or June? hard to believe I didn’t blog about it), but I like to stash my latest ‘old’ pair of running shoes in my trunk for those ‘just incase’ moments, like when I’m meeting friends for bricks or impromtu runs. Those situations arise more than I would prefer, but they happen enough, so that I need them there.

My point is, by the time Savage Race rolled around I didn’t have any running shoes I was willing to toss. That’s where the cheap shoes came into play.

They weren’t new. Actually, I had purchased them back in college as ‘gym shoes.’ Not sure I got much gym use out of them, but I have worn them hiking…


5k walking


And cycling.


The cheap shoes made great cycling shoes before I purchased a pair of clipless pedals a couple of months ago.

So, as you can see, I wasn’t that crazy for wearing the shoes for the Savage Race. These were shoes I’ve worn many times before and also shoes I didn’t care if I ever saw again. I’ll admit I’ve learned my lesson (and will probably just go barefoot from the beginning – my feet like to be free!), but I promise not to wear cheap shoes for a mud race again.

I’ll also think twice before tossing old running shoes. Apparently a person DOES need to keep ten pairs of old shoes. Way to feed my hoarding tendencies, mud runs!

How many old pairs of running shoes do you have in your closet?

I had my new favorite snack this afternoon: graham cracker + peanut butter + chopped dates


Tonight’s dinner came courtesy of this recipe for whole wheat cornmeal pizza dough that I found via google.


I wanted a cornmeal pizza crust, but this recipe was heavy on the whole wheat and light on the cornmeal. It was missing that corn bread flavor I was hoping for.


Derek had fun with the zucchini and yellow squash.



15 minutes at 450



I had two slices, but wasn’t impressed.


Derek had five. I guess he was impressed.


Attune Chocolate Bar and a couple of figs for dessert.


Derek ate his dinner in bed (he wasn’t feeling the Hallmark movie I was watching in the living room). Twenty minutes later I found him like this.


Note the shoes.


Full belly. Comfy bed. He was doomed from the start.

Hopefully next time he’ll at least ditch the shoes first.

Good Night!

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