Monday, August 15, 2011

Cafe Kili

by Meghann on August 15, 2011

I spent the afternoon at a new (to me) coffee shop near USF called Cafe Kili.


I keep forgetting that I live near a university. Universities are usually surrounded by cute coffee shops, where students can come and study. I drove by two on my way to my final destination and was rather excited about the new coffee shops to explore.

USF still has a few weeks until it’s back in session, so Cafe Kili was quiet today. There was only a handful of other patrons typing away at their laptops and a steady stream of of coffee drinkers that would grab their drinks and go. It was quiet, peaceful, and perfect for getting some work done.


I sipped on an iced coffee with milk while plugging away.


And had some nuts and dried fruit.


Yesterday I caught an episode of Racheal Ray that had me craving homemade corn chowder. She made a 30-minute meal of chowder with grilled cheese english muffins sammies that looked easy and delicious. I knew I had to have it for dinner tonight.


I found the recipe from the show, added bacon, and ditched the seafood.


The chowder was supposed to serve 4, but Derek and I finished it in one sitting between the two of us. I’ll take Derek’s multiple returns to the pot for refills as a good sign the meal earned his approval. I’ll agree – it was good. 🙂


The english muffin grilled cheese sammies were good too. I used fresh mozzarella for an extra gooey, cheesy sammie. I also forgot how much I love english muffins – I need to buy these more often!


A tiny bowl of heath bar ice cream with chocolate granola for dessert.


I have another early morning to look forward to.

Good night!

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