Friday, August 5, 2011

He Can Cook!

by Meghann on August 5, 2011

Meet my sister’s fiance Anthony.


He cooks. He cleans. And he teaches middle schools the ins and outs of P.E.

My sister found herself a keeper! ๐Ÿ™‚

Even better – he knows the way into his future sister-in-law’s heart –

Homemade Eggplant Parmesan!


He fried the eggplant. He made the sauce. And he put it all together. *swoon*

I had a large helping for dinner tonight (plus seconds!) and licked my plate clean both times.


I’m lazy when it comes to eggplant parm. I coat it with bread crumbs, bake it, and then add the sauce as an after thought. However, Anthony really took his time going through the whole process with his and you could really taste the difference. The sauce was chunky and flavorful and the eggplant had a nice crisp and chew to it. I was uber impressed. Obviously.


With the eggplant parm, Anthony also made homemade mashed potatoes


And skillet fried green beans.


That’s it sis! I’m moving in! ๐Ÿ™‚

After our delicious gourmet meal, the four of us headed to the movie theater to see The Rise of The Planet of the Apes.

heh. It was ok.

Going into the movie, I was afraid of being turned off by the CGI chimps more than anything else, but surprisingly they didn’t bother me. The animation grew on me and I almost forgot none of them were real by the end.

The real downer was the storyline. I started off interested, but eventually it began to drag on and I grew bored of it. You think a nice, long build up would lead to an intense climax, but that seemed rush and forced into an emotional mess. I give it half a thumb up.

The best part was watching the movie with my sister – the anthropologist. There was a lot of ‘that could never happen’ and ‘ their bone structure wasn’t made to do this and that.’ She was very informative on how the movie isn’t even remotely plausible. Such a realist.

Post-movie dessert.


We headed to Sweet! for frozen yogurt, but I was really in the mood for a cupcake instead.


Which one to choose?


I went with the coffee. The flavor was very subtle, more like a mocha chocolate, but the cupcake was moist and the icing was rich. Cupcake perfection.



We have a family swim in the morning!

Good Night!

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