Monday, August 1, 2011

Tire Changing Fail

by Meghann on August 1, 2011

Changing a tire on a bike is NOT as easy as it looks.


Let’s just say there were a couple of times were I came ‘this close’ to throwing my bike against the wall. Actually, there were MULTIPLE times where that happened. :/

Pre-tire changing snack.



I knew changing my first bicycle tire would be scary, but I figured if a person on the side of the road can do it in the middle of a triathlon, then I could do it in the comfort of my own home. Pshhh…. I knew nothing.

I stopped at the bicycle store this afternoon to pick up all the supplies I would need and got to work.


I had even brought the tire inside to ensure I picked up the right size tube.


YouTube was the teacher


and I was it’s faithful student.



I was able to pry the initial tube off without a problem



Then things got tricky


Somehow I ended up twisting the tire onto itself


And YouTube got kicked to the curb


I frantically started sending Courtney photos of my progress with the words ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ attached to them. Somehow, I was able to guilt her into talking to me for 35 minutes trying to figure out where I went wrong.


With her help I was able to get the tube around the rim, but eventually ended up here.




At this point I walked away for a solid 15 minutes – just to cool my head off. Courtney eventually called back and suggested I pump the tube up before putting it on the rim.


That almost worked.


Fail. 🙁

At this point it had been 2 hours since I started and still had no dice with the tire. Instead of throwing the tire into middle of the interstate (the thought had crossed my mind..) Courtney suggested meeting early tomorrow morning, so she could see exactly where I had gone wrong. Fine by me, I was more than ready to call it a night anyways.

After that, beer was needed.


Good beer was needed.


And comfort food.


Hummus + Cheese + Spinach Quesadilla



with roasted carrot fries.



And ice cream. Ice cream was needed too.


Now, sleep is needed. One beer and I’m already feeling it. Light weight.

Hopefully, we’ll get this tire thing all situated in the morning. Lord help me if I get a flat on the road after this. Yikes!

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