Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogger Soiree

by Meghann on July 15, 2011

Started the morning in North Captiva.

Spent the afternoon in Tampa.

Now, I’m chilling on my friend Bess‘ couch in Orlando.

Talk about one crazy driving day.

Unfortunately, this afternoon was not a happy one for driving. Lots of bad weather. Lots of traffic. And lots of driving like a granny so I could see over the steering wheel.

I brought a snack of dried fruit and almond butter for the road – probably only ate half of what is shown?


I’m in Orlando this weekend for the Central Florida Blogger’s Conference. I’m speaking tomorrow on monetizing your blog (I should probably piece together what I’m going to say…) and Bess (the conference creator!) had all the speakers over for a little soiree before the big event.


J (J’s EveryDay Fashion), Bess (Central Florida Top 5), Colleen (Yelp), KyAnn (Galtime/ Daily Buzz), JL (Daily Buzz), Me, Ben (Adventure w/ Ben), Leigh (My Sentiment Exactlee), Rachelle (Inn the Kitchen), and Josh (Professor Josh)

I miss Orlando bloggers! Everyone’s so friendly and welcoming and their love for Orlando is just so strong. These are my people! I need to make more Tampa blogger friends. I know they’re out there!   


At the event I had an obligatory glass of wine while mingling.


Bess had a lovely spread of chips, dip, and other finger foods for the taking. I nibbled on a few chips with dip and a cream puff, but I mainly talked, talked, and talked (wine makes me talkative).


Since I’m a, Orlando nomad, Bess graciously offered let me crash at her place for the evening (you know, after I asked with puppy dog eyes).

She even drove me to Jason’s Deli for dinner.   



And she suggested I get the Portobello Panini.


Fabulous choice Bess!


Side of steamed veggies (which were a cheaper side item than the fresh fruit?)


I raided the party left overs for dessert.


One brownie and extra large strawberry to satisfy my sweet tooth.


Time for bed.

Good Night!

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