Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Tenders

by Meghann on July 7, 2011

Do you ever have one of those evenings where you accidentally put off dinner until you’re so hangry your significant other is afraid you might literally eat him?

Yep, that was me tonight.

Derek and I had planned to head to Target after he got off work for beach stuff (2 more days until vacation!!). Well, ‘after work’ turned into 7:00 and heading to Target for a ‘quick trip’ turned into a 2 hour outing. By the time we got home close to 9:00 I could have ate the food out of Maddie’s dog bowl ad been satisfied.

Lucky for me, dinner was already marinating in the fridge.


Some chicken tenders chilling in a heavy drench of the Buffalo KC Masterpiece Marinade I had received via the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program last week.


The pre-drenched chicken was coated with a mix of wheat bran (my new favorite bread crumb substitute), flour, salt, and pepper.


Baked at 400 for 20 minutes


I was impatient when I haphazardly coated the chicken tenders, so they weren’t as crispy as I’d like, but they were still good. The subtle flavor of the buffalo sauce gave just a hint of spice and flavor that complimented the white chicken breast well.


Do you know what goes hand and hand with buffalo sauce?

Blue Cheese Dressing



Sweet Potato Fries


And Brussels Sprouts


Having already planned the meal in my head and prepped the chicken, saved me from stopping at some random spot on the way home for food. Setting the time aside to prep dinner in advance is always worth the outcome. 🙂

I enjoyed a ice cream sandwich for dessert.


My parents say hi from Kannasakis today.


They almost make me want to go to the mountains instead of the beach. Almost.


What about you? The mountains or the beach? Which would you choose?

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