Friday, May 27, 2011

Failed Plans

by Meghann on May 27, 2011

Here’s how tonight went down.

(6:00 PM)

Derek: Come to Channelside tonight! I’m going to a fundraiser event first, but we can meet for dinner afterwards.

Me: Ok!

(7:30 PM)

Me: What’s going on? Should I drive over yet?

Derek: Not yet. Event is still going on, there’s a $20 donation at the door so stay put for now.

(8:00 PM)

Me: I’m bored.

Derek: Come now then

Me: I don’t feel like paying $20

(8:45 PM)

Derek: Alright, you can come. Here’s the address.

Me: *crickets*

(9:10 PM)

Derek: Babe?

Me: *crickets*

(9:30 PM)

Phone rings

Me: Holy Crap! It’s 9:30? I fell asleep!


Somehow I fell asleep on the couch – in a dress with full makeup and curled hair – waiting for the text/call to meet Derek for dinner. By the time he called at 9:30 I had been asleep for an hour and was in that deep sleep daze – I must have been tired.

After going back and forth on what I should do, I told Derek to have fun out and I was just going to stay in. The place I was supposed to meet him at was a 25 minute drive away. By the time we did get dinner I knew it would be well after 11:00 and I’ve to be up before 6 tomorrow morning. Booo…. 🙁

So, I put my jammies on and made dinner at home.


A really boring, brown dinner compared to what I was expecting to eat tonight. Le sigh. By the time I ate at 10:00 I wasn’t very hungry anyways.

There was the last of a bag of Gardien Chicken Tenders.


My last of the Homemade Hummus and the last Pita. (I see a theme here)


I had two snack this afternoon in anticipation of a late dinner. An apple with peanut butter aorund 3:30 and this package of dried pineapple from my Foodzie box at 6:30.


I’m going to take advantage of my night in by watching the marathon of Four Weddings in bed.

Good Night!

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