Saturday, May 14, 2011

Always Have a Buddy

by Meghann on May 14, 2011

Good Morning!

I wanted to run this morning. Boy, did I want to run! We’re staying smack dab in the middle of downtown Miami and there are plenty of sights to see, bridges to run, and routes to explore. 🙂

Unfortunately, no one else wanted to run. 🙁

I wanted to run, but I didn’t want to run in a big city alone. With my luck I’d take a wrong turn, get lost, and end up in Coral Gables; or be kidnapped, held for ransom, and never see my running shoes again. It’s always better to run with a buddy in a new area – better safe than sorry!

So, instead I headed to the hotel gym and ran a measly 30 minutes on the boring treadmill while picking out my freckles in the mirror (I can only take so much of staring at myself while running).

My upper body is aching today from the Aerial Silks on Thursday. My arms, shoulders, and back hurt. They hurt bad. I had the bright idea of evening out the pain with a few sets of lunges, calf raises, and squats. Burn, Baby, Burn!

After the gym I met my family on the rewards floor for the VIP complimentary breakfast.


Word of advice: every time you stay at a new hotel – sign up for their rewards program! Just for being member we’re getting free internet access and breakfast during our stay. Sweet!

IMG_6647.JPG IMG_6648.JPG

I did a mix and match of the continental options and what I brought from home.


Rokit Fuel Oatmeal Mix (from home) with Hot Water (hotel)


Justin’s Honey Almond Butter (home)


Apple (hotel)


Breakfast is served!

Now, it’s time to start getting ready! My twin brother will officially become Dr. Twin Brother at 5:00! 🙂

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