Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Flow

by Meghann on April 19, 2011

New Goal: Master scorpion pose without the aide of a wall.


So. Close.

Give me a month. I’ll get there! 😉

I had quite the adventurous afternoon/ evening!

Beginning with the discovery of the cutest little cafe in Hyde Park.


As I was departing my original coffee shop location this afternoon (the one with the bad iced coffee) I saw signs for the newly opened Amelie’s French Bakery across the street. It was the perfect, cozy little spot to set up shop for the remainder of my work day.  I loved the living room feel inside.


They also had a delicious pastry spread (plus free samples!) that pulled me in. I was really tempted by the chocolate croissant, but chose a buttery cookie instead.


With an (overpriced) tea.


Pure bliss. I’ll be back. Don’t worry. 😉


I finished up just before 7:00 and headed to Yogani to meet Kristin and Chrissie for a new yoga class.


Usually I’m a power yoga girl. I like yoga classes where I get a great stretch, while feeling the burn. I like them fast, strong, and hard. The quicker the flow, the better.

However, tonight I tried something different.

Prana Flow
This class draws its roots from Shiva Rea’s strong Prana Flow™ System. Each class is developed and sequenced to build you to a peak posture using classical alignment and deep foundations to ignite the Agni (internal fire) within you. Flowing postures and breath are woven together in stages to bring your postures to life with fluid body vinyasas, rhythmic vinyasas and heartfelt pulsations. As we dive into the subtle body, the pancha vayus (5 winds) and the 7 Chakras (wheels) will be introduced. Room temperature will be about 80-85 degrees.

I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect, but this class was definitely a change from any other yoga class I’ve taken. It had a big emphasis on pulsating breathing, grace, and strength. Yoga became a dance as we worked ourselves 360 degrees around the mat. It was amazing. I found myself struggling to keep up and unable to hold a few poses. The sign of a good yoga class.

Sometimes it’s fun to step out of the box and tonight reminded me there is so much yoga out there I have yet to explore. I racked up quite a few free yoga classes through Rasa Lila Fest and I’m now excited to use those free passes towards new classes I’ve never tried before. It will be fun to see what else is out there! 🙂

Yoga got out late. Kristin, Chrissie, and I headed straight to Soho Sushi to feed our empty bellies.


I started with the traditional ginger salad.


And ordered myself two delicious rolls.


The fresh Tuna roll was, well, fresh, light, and airy.


The Sweet Potato Tempura Roll, however, was the scene stealer. Delicious.


I had an Attune Bar to satisfy my nightly sweet tooth when I got home.


It was a fun evening, but I can’t believe how late it is now. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

Good Night!

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