Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Day for the Dogs

by Meghann on April 2, 2011

Hello, beautiful Davis Island!


Derek and I may have found our new favorite Tampa dog park. It’s in a beautiful location, has access to water, and is full of great puppies and owners. The perfect match!

We had a hunch it may be a good one, so we saved the park for when my family came to visit. We’re all a bit of dog park nerds and it was just to beautiful to keep us (or the pups!) inside.


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Maddie so excited to be at a dog park. She was quite the big shot today – strutting around like she owned the place.


IMG_1128.jpg IMG_1129.jpg IMG_1130.jpg


IMG_1214.JPG IMG_1215.JPG

The secret behind her bravery? Why, her Uncle Scooby was there to protect her, of course!

IMG_1216.JPG IMG_1219.JPG

Maddie loves her Uncle Scooby!




Like two peas in a pod, they were glued to each other’s sides the entire time. ๐Ÿ™‚









The dogs spent a good two hours wearing themselves out at the park. Eventually they began to tire and our tummies began to stir. We said good bye to my sister and brother as they headed back to Orlando and my parents, Derek and I headed to Yard of Ale, where I had a Groupon I wanted to cash in.   



Thankfully they were very accommodating to the puppies, bringing them some much needed water almost as soon as we sat.


They were some tired, thirsty pups!


And we were tired, thirsty humans!


I’m telling you, I’ve been on a big brown ale kick lately. The Brooklyn Brown Ale just seemed to fit in the trend.   


mmmm…. beer… and pretzels.


We ordered the pretzel appetizer to nibble on with our brews. The pretzels were hot and steamy and came with a yummy cheesey beer dip.



Derek had driven by an upscale barbeque restaurant called Smoke the other day and suggested we take my parents’ there when the visited.


I’m a true southern girl who loves some good bbq every once in a while and was more than happy to oblige.



We started with the veggie kabobs, which were beautifully presented on a a hanging kabob.


The veggies were grilled and dressed in a pesto/balsamic sauce. They were really tasty and I hoped were a sign for good things to come.


If I’m going to go to a BBQ place, I’m going to go all out. I ordered my favorite standby (the pulled pork sandwich) with a side old fashion french fries.


I always get really excited when I order a pulled pork sandwich, but end up regretting it as soon as finish it. It’s not that it doesn’t taste good (it did), it’s the way I feel when I finish. It’s as if my insides do not appreciate the rich, greasy meal. I guess that’s why I don’t eat bbq everyday.

Derek ordered the Smokehouse burger, which was topped with cheese, smoked bacon, and pulled pork.


It looked like something special when it arrived and i had to steal a bite. It was good, but I think there were too many big flavors competing against each other in the bite. My mouth wasn’t sure which one to concentrate on.

All and all I give Smoke a B. I liked the atmosphere and the grilled veggies were great. However, the actual meal was sub par and I’m not sure I would return any time soon.

After dinner I had a craving for ice cream. Not frozen yogurt, but REAL ice cream. I guess real ice cream places are few and far between now adays because we went on a wild goose chase looking for one. We found more than a dozen tart frozen yogurt, self serve frozen yogurt, and soft serve ice cream places, but nothing with real, from the bucket ice cream places.

Maybe we missed something. Is there anyone from Tampa that has any recommendations for a local Ice Cream place that serves real Ice Cream?

Eventually we gave up looking for anything local and instead found the nearest Cold Stone.

IMG_1310.JPG IMG_1311.JPG

I ordered the kids size cake batter with reeses mix in.


It wasn’t 100% what I was looking for, but it did the trick. ๐Ÿ™‚

The day has been long and my eyelids are struggling to stay open.

Must. Sleep. Now.

Good Night!

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