Saturday, January 29, 2011

Run Famous

by Meghann on January 29, 2011

Whose ready to rock this run? 😉


Whoa! What a day!

Up before the sun. A four hour car ride stuffed in an SUV with 7 other people. Walking all over Miami. An exciting race to look forward to in the morning….

I’m pooped!

Our morning began bright and early at my parents’ house. We had a full house, so my Dad took advantage of the extra mouths to feed (he loves cooking for a crowd!) and made waffles and bacon to fuel us for the day.


I topped mine with fresh strawberries, syrup, and strawberry yogurt.


The drive to Miami went quickly. We stopped for smoothies ( I split a Mango & Pineapple with Kelly), but my camera was buried in luggage.

[Picture a Nature’s Table Cup here]

With every seat taken in the SUV, it was an interesting drive down, but it was much more economical than taking two cars. Saving the $$ on gas and tolls was more than worth the cramped quarters for a few hours.

We made it to Miami around lunch time and headed to Lincoln Road for lunch with my brother and his girlfriend.


They suggested we eat at Books & Books because of their great lunch menu and ample vegetarian options. It was a great suggestions – I believe we were all impressed. 🙂

The table started with a complimentary order of Black Bean Hummus with Matzo Crackers.


Loved the black bean hummus. It was basically mashed black beans, which is perfectly fine by me.

We also had an order of sweet potato fries.


And I ordered the vegan platter which came with a little bit of everything.


I love mixed platter plates like these. I’m an indecisive order, so this allows me to try everything without having to settle on one thing.



The expo was within walking distance of our lunch spot andto say it was a little crowded would be an understatement – this place was packed!


IMG_6182.jpg IMG_6183.jpg IMG_6184.jpg


There’s something about an expo that just brings out the runner in me. All the other runners, all the running memorabilia, and the excitement of knowing a race is happening the next day – it’s just empowering!



IMG_6209.JPG IMG_6210.JPG IMG_6211.JPG




It looks like a great course. Basically we will be starting near the arena then making a circle around south beach and back. It should be a beautiful run filled with lots of beachy scenery.



Of course, we couldn’t be that close to the beach and not pop in for a visit.



Gorgeous. I only wish we had swim suits so we could have joined all the sun bathers in the sand. Now I understand why northerners vacation in Miami during the winter months. Heck, I want visit Miami in the winter months – those 300 miles make a difference temperature wise! 😉





One final stop on Lincoln Rd for my Dad’s favorite.



mmmm… salt stix 🙂


It’s a Miami must to have one every time we visit. 😉


Thanks to Yelp we were able to locate an Italian Restaurant near my brother’s apartment for a pre-race carb load session.



The table started with bruschetta. Yum!

IMG_4137.JPG IMG_4140.JPG

I ordered what I thought was a simple chicken breast stuffed with cheese and spinach, but it ended up being a greasy mess of butter and cheese.


It tasted ok, but was far to rich to enjoy as a pre-race meal. I had a little less than half of the chicken and potatoes and also had half of a piece of pizza from my brother’s dinner. Next time I’m going to stick with what I know – pizza. You can never go wrong with pizza.


Ok, that’s a lie – but you get my point. 😉

We have an EARLY wake up call in the morning (the race starts at 6:00 and it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to get there). Something tells me I’m not going to have any problems falling asleep tonight though.

Wish us luck!

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