Friday, January 28, 2011

Chicken ‘Pizza’

by Meghann on January 28, 2011

Dad: “So, what do you want for dinner?”

Me: ” I don’t know.. baked ziti?”

Dad: “hmm… that’s one idea, but I did something really cool the other night where I pounded a chicken breast really thin, breaded it, lightly fried it, then topped it with marinara sauce and cheese. I call it a Chicken Pizza. “

Me: “Sounds like chicken parmesan.

Dad: “A little bit, but it’s more like Chicken Pizza. Let’s make that.”

Me: ” Alright, Dad, but I’m still pretty sure it’s chicken parmesan. At least, that’s how I make chicken parmesan…”


Aw, Dad. How you love your creative meals. I guess THAT’S where I get it from. 😉


Only he didn’t have chicken, so he pounded pork, and he threw in an eggplant for his girls.


But, honestly, my Dad can never go wrong. Dinner was delicious.



I had 1/2 a pork chop ‘pizza’ and 1/2 an eggplant ‘pizza’


As well as a heaping serving of roasted vegetables and some pickled cucumber.


We’re leaving for Miami bright and early in the morning. If you’re heading to the Miami Expo tomorrow look for me (I’ll be in a Meals and Miles Shirt) and say HI! I promise I won’t bite…hard.

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