Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meals and Miles: The Show

by Meghann on January 25, 2011

Look out Samantha Brown – there’s a new TV host in town and she’s after your job. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Kidding. Sort of.

A few weeks ago I had a very productive meeting with IzonOrlando – a really cool web channel that focuses on Orlando based shows – about collaborating for a Meals & Miles show on their network. Meals and Miles The Show would showcase different fitness outlets around the Orlando with an emphasis that staying fit doesn’t mean being stuck in the gym. I liked it. Well, I ought to like it – the concept was all mine. They gave me complete creative control and I thought staying fit outside of the gym was a good one.

This afternoon my show became a reality.


Our pilot episode filmed at Rebounderz – the world’s only trampoline arena – with the goal of highlighting their cardio fitness classes. I’ve been to one of their classes before and knew it was a fun hidden in gem in the Orlando area. You bounce on trampolines.. you get a good work out in…and you’re not stuck in a gym – sounds like the perfect pilot to me!


We spent 3 hours filming on location and, let me tell you, filming a show is exhausting! Especially when someone keeps messing up her lines. (There’s a lot of pressure when you’re strapped into a harness and need to do a back flip once your lines are over). But, we got through it and I had A LOT of fun!


The episode should be ready to premiere in the next couple of weeks. I promise to let everyone know as soon as it’s live!

I have so many ideas of other locations we can shoot at. Can you think of anything else that’s fun and sort of ‘out of the box’ as far as fitness is concerned?

I actually had to participate in the class too, so I fueled up with an apple & nut butter combination before I left.


It was late when were done and I was exhausted. I needed something quick for dinner and was glad I had set out this pre-seasoned packaged salmon to defrost while I was gone.


Another impulse buy at Publix, but an impulse buy I could be proud of. All I had to do was defrost the salmon, take the plastic off, and place the salmon (still on the cedar plank) in the oven for 15 minutes.



The cedar plank made my apartment smell wonderful. My mouth was watering when I pulled it out.


I paired 1/2 the salmon with a baked sweet potato and a piece of toast.


Dinner was ready in 20 minutes AND was tasty, what more does a girl need? The salmon was wonderful, very moist and flavorful.


I couldn’t wait to have more of last night’s Take the Cake Ice Cream for dessert. This stuff was good. Really good.


Can. Not. Keep. Eyes. Open.

Good Night.

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