Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making Myself at Home

by Meghann on January 20, 2011

Tonight I took a break from ‘office hopping’ to spend the evening at my sister’s apartment. My sister works from home as well, so it was nice to have the chance to catch up with her.

On the way over I had a juicy apple in the car.


Upon arrival Maddie had no problem making herself right at home


Nor did I ๐Ÿ˜‰


I may or may not have stolen Anthony’s last Sam Adams Lattitude 48 IPA from the fridge


In all fairness I did share it with Kelly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was a great beer. It reminded my of a Dogfish 90 – very hoppy, but in a good way.

I also may or may not have invited myself for dinner.


It was getting close to 7:00 when Kelly and Anthony began throwing dinner ideas back and forth. I threw out breakfast for dinner and they went for it.


We decided on the classic dinner combo of hashbrowns, eggs, and toast.


Kelly and I tag teamed the hashbrowns while Anthony took charge of the eggs.

IMG_5290.jpg IMG_5291.JPG


My dinner was served in bowl form.


Scrambled eggs on top of hashbrowns covered in cheese and ketchup.


A piece of toast on the side with strawberry preserves.


What could be better? Actually bacon. Bacon probably would have made it better. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sometimes it pays to speak up and invite oneself to dinner. The key to doing it respectively?

1 – Offer to help cook

2 – Help clean afterward

3 – Buy dessert


I purchased a Groupon for Sweet! back in September and had been saving it for a special occasion, but it was burning a major hole in my pocket. Suddenly I had the urge to spend it NOW. Who needs a special occasion when you’re spending a random Thursday evening with your sister?


The Groupon was good for $25 and apparently $25 can buy you A LOT of cupcakes. We walked out with 4 regular cupcakes and 8 minis for 3 people.


We saved the big ones for another day and broke into the minis back at the apartment.


I tried half of the Mint Chocolate, Black out, and Cinnamon Cupcakes.


Surprisingly my favorite was the Cinnamon Cupcake. It tasted like a cinnamon donut. Love!

It’s late. Maddie is passed out. And I have an 8 mile run to prep for in the morning.

Good Night!

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