Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dance Trance

by Meghann on January 12, 2011


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After FOUR failed attempts I finally made it to Dance Trance class tonight and finally had the chance to see what all the hype was about. 🙂

In case you are unfamiliar with the Dance Trance concept… Dance Trance is a really cool dance class type atmosphere where they pump the music and perform various choreographed dances in the span of an hour class. It’s fast paced, it’s hip, and it reminds me of my good ole cheerleading days when I used to pop it and lock it like there’s no tomorrow.


Traditionally I have not been a fan of dance style fitness classes. I have very little rhythm and the few that I’ve attended have been Latin based. I hate to say it, but – as much as Derek wishes otherwise – Latin style music is not my favorite and if I don’t like the music, I’m never going to get into the moves.

Dance trance is different. All the music is high intensity top-40 stuff you would hear in a club. It’s songs that I know and can sing along to. Being able to sing along is key when dancing. 😉

The local Orlando Dance Trance studio offers ‘Dance Trance Light’ (where they actually break the moves down during class) and good ole regular Dance Trance (where they hop right into it). Unbeknownst to me, I attended regular ole Dance Trance tonight. The instructor came in, turned the music on, and everyone sort of jumped into it.

At first I was scared. All the girls around me started knocking the moves out and I assumed – since I had never seen the dance before in my life – that I would never be able to catch on. But, then I looked around and found comfort in all the newbies I suddenly saw around me. I was not alone here and no one cared what everyone else was doing.

The dances were designed to easily be picked up. A lot of moves were repeated, once you did something on one side you knew it was coming to the other, and just listening to the beat you could assume what was going to come next. Suddenly those 12+ years of dance classes and cheerleading were coming back to me and I was actually able to not only follow along, but was able to keep up with everyone around me. I was getting it AND I was having fun.

Did I look like any of those rockstar dancers? No. But, that didn’t matter. I was proud of what I was doing and I was having a blast in the process. Not to mention I was sweating like a mad woman! We did half a dozen full length songs and I was feeling the burn. Not in that ‘I’m working my ass off running on the treadmill way’ but in the ‘I’ve been on the dance floor all night’ sort of way. Loved that!

I would happily give Dance Trance two big thumbs up and can’t wait to go back! It’s a little pricey, but right now they’re offering the 6pm Wednesday class for $5. I will definitely be taking advantage of that while it’s available. 🙂

One thing about class was that I discovered halfway through just how starving I was. All that dancing really built up my appetite!


I came home and made my own burrito (since I had missed out on a really good one at Dandelion today)


Let’s call this ‘Left Over Hungry Meghann Burrito’

Basically it was a wrap filled with left over Cheesy Butternut Squash Quinoa Casserole, Spinach, and Salsa.


My fridge is crammed with left overs right now. Prepare to see some creativity with them. 🙂

I had broccoli on the side, but didn’t end up eating it because it tasted funny.


I did a quick microwave boil with the broccoli and the funky water taste soaked into the broccoli. Blah. Luckily Maddie didn’t mind as I fed them to her one by one.

For dessert the last of my christmas cookies straight from the freezer.


I am wiped! I’ve been doing double work this week (office during the day, building my start up at night) and I’m exhausted. Luckily I won’t have to keep this up for too much longer! 🙂

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