Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Spirit (or lack thereof)

by Meghann on October 29, 2010

It took me a few days, but I finally used the last of Sunday night’s rotisserie chicken in my lunch today.


BBQ Chicken Pizza on a Tortilla


This was just a tortilla slathered with bbq sauce, chicken, mushrooms, pineapple, and blue cheese then toasted under the broiler for a few minutes. Simple, yet delicious.


Other meals that came from that one chicken?

That’s a total of 6 meals! AND not one repeated meal. Not bad. 🙂


Some asparagus on the side rounded out the meal.


I <3 Halloween!

As I posted yesterday, I was one of those kids who Trick or Treated well into her teens. I loved dressing up and going door to door for candy, just as much as I loved dressing up in college and going door to door for beer. 😉 There’s something about putting a costume on and pretending your something else for the evening that just screams good time. (I think this is also why I love themed parties)

hall2004 hall2005 hall2006  hall2007 hall2008 hall2009

And it’s not just the dressing up part either. It’s the whole spirit behind the holiday!

From carving pumpkins…

(2008 & 2009)

To being scared out of my mind at Halloween Horror Nights…

(2008 & 2009)

To stuffing my face silly of all things pumpkin flavored…

Halloween is just awesome! 🙂

With that being said, the big mystery remains… what do I have planned for Halloween this year?


I hate to say it, but nothing. 🙁

Between running a marathon, training for another marathon, traveling for work, celebrating birthdays, and trying to keep my sanity; October somehow escaped me and the spirit of Halloween went with it.

2010 marks the first year I haven’t carved a pumpkin (and have no desire to), haven’t been to Halloween Horror Nights, wasn’t invited to a Halloween Party, and won’t be dressing up in a costume. (of course I’ve had no problems stuffing my face silly of all things pumpkin flavored 😉 )

It seems so strange. I mean, I LOVE Halloween, how did I let it slip through my fingers? and why don’t I care more? Sure, I could seek out a pumpkin to carve or dress up and find a random bar to celebrate at, but honestly I don’t feel like it. I would much rather stay at home in my PJs and snuggle with Derek and Maddie. I’m exhausted and sadly Halloween is just one of those things I had to ‘let go of’ this year.

I’m sorry Halloween! I promise we can hang out next year!

In the mean time Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and I PROMISE to not lose the spirit for either of those!

Family, Turkey, Stuffing, Peanut Butter Balls, and Pie! I’m alllllll over it! 😉

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