Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rocky Horror Glee

by Meghann on October 26, 2010


Totally ready for the new Glee tonight! eekkk!!!

Must. Write. Post. Before. Watching.

Thank goodness for DVR. Love the ability to skip all the commercial and get to the good parts… like Mr. Schuester going shirtless. 😉

I had packed some plain yogurt with apple butter and granola for my snack this afternoon.


But after a bite I realized it wasn’t what I was in the mood for. This cold and mushy and I wanted something chewy.

I found this bag of cookies in my snack drawer.


The cookies were a freebie from the Chicago Marathon swag bag. I remember Kelly not being a fan of them, but i found them pretty good. They were very chewy and grainy.


After work I had a very HOT yoga session.

Not sure why, but the class was extra hot today. I found myself dropping to child pose more than once just to give my body a chance to rest and somewhat cool down. It doesn’t help that it is still a bajillion degrees outside. What happened to that beautiful fall weather we were experiencing? It seemed to have disappeared!

Post-yoga dinner was simple and quick.


Roasted brussel sprouts, purple potatoes topped with two eggs and salsa.


The purple potatoes were so fun. They tasted just like a regular red skin potato, but the unique color made it pop out and make me want to eat more. 🙂


1/3 of the Sugah Stix for dessert.



Check out my Dad’s comment on how he made the Apple Butter & Pumpkin Butter!

Oh! And it looks like the Brownie Recipe was not as secret as I thought! Chelsey was kind enough to inform me it’s on the back of the brownie box mix! You can find the detailed recipe at her blog!

Rocky Horror Picture Glee Time!!

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