Monday, October 25, 2010

Maddie says Hello

by Meghann on October 25, 2010

I don’t know how your puppies are, but when I’m away for a while Maddie likes to fill me in on her days.

Here she is telling me all about the adventures her and Scooby had over the weekend at my parents’.

Sounds like she wore Scooby out chasing squirrels and playing tug of war. I’m pretty sure Scooby was happy to see Maddie’s ball of energy leave so he could return to sleeping all day. 🙂

This afternoon I fought rush hour traffic to retrieve the talkative Maddie from my parents’. They have been really great with watching her during my crazy traveling schedule the last couple of months and I’m really thankful to have them so close to be able to do so.

Before I left I had a delicious AllieBar at my desk.


Allie was kind enough to restock my stash this past weekend. Now I just need to pace myself and savor each bar, otherwiseI wouldn’t be surprised if I ate all the bars this week. 🙂

One of the best parts about going home is having the opportunity to enjoy my Dad’s cooking.


He never disappoints with delivering on good eats. I had requested something warm and comforting for dinner and he more than pulled through with a delicious Chicken Pot Pie.


My Dad is a lot like me where he doesn’t follow recipes. He gets an idea in his head of what he wants and just understands which flavors work well together to execute it to perfection.


I did do my part where I could. Placing the crust into a pan is a tough job!




So pretty and Fall like.



I’m happy to report I walked away with at least one of my Dad’s many secrets..

instead of a wash of egg whites, he drenches the top of the crust with half and half. This ensures a rich, flaky, golden crust.



All done!




I enjoyed a generous helping while watching Sunday’s episode of Amazing Race with the family.


So good! I think the fact that I talked my Dad out of adding the peas made it even better. Peas are yucky, sweet potatoes and corn are good! 🙂


I had a package of goodies waiting for me when I arrived home from the lovely Amanda, who was kind enough to send me some goodies from a food fair she attended over the weekend.


Amanda is some sort of packing genius because somehow this this Sugah Stix survived the so many thousand mile journey.




Of course, I couldn’t let it be that way for long. I cut off the end and added it to a small serving of ice cream for dessert.


Thanks Amanda!! I owe ya! 😉

Time to catch some Zzzzsss.

Good Night!

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