Monday, October 18, 2010

Return to Hot Yoga

by Meghann on October 18, 2010

Hot Yoga almost didn’t happen tonight.

I was almost giddy as I was packing my hot yoga bag this morning. I had not been to a class since before my marathon and my body was dying to stretch and sweat.

Towel? Check! Clothes? Check! Mat? Check! Water bottle? Check!

All ready to go!

That is until I checked my calendar and realized I had a 5:00pm meeting. Ughh…. not cool.

Luckily, my meeting was attached to a much larger meeting and that meeting ran early, meaning my 5:00 pm presentation turned into a 4:30 pm presentation. Score! I gave my speech, answered questions and was out the door just in time for 6:00 pm hot yoga!

Before class I had the other half of my Top of the Morning Muffin.


Kelly began tonight’s class stating “We only have one new person tonight, let’s do all 56 poses.” She warned it would be fast, but that ‘we could handle it.’ Love her enthusiasm.

The class itself wasn’t as fast as I’ve experienced in the past. We took one pose at a time and held it each for 5 breaths. We did a few poses I was unfamiliar with and I learned to twist and turn in completely new ways.

We ended the class with some serious hip openers. I believe we spent 10 or 15 minutes opening our hips and boy did my hips need it! I need to record Kelly’s sequence and follow it after every long run. My body would thank me profusely.

After class i was *this close* to having ice cream for dinner. Instead, I grabbed the leftover spaghetti squash and made a quick 3 minute meal.


Spaghetti squash + black beans + salsa + crushed nuts + a quick spin in the microwave = quick & easy meal.


The salsa topping came courtesy of the the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.


I find it interesting it’s labeled Pace Original Picante Sauce. Why not Picante Salsa? Hmmm….


The ‘sauce’ was just as an ‘salsa’ should be. Thick, tomato-ey, and just a hint of spice.


I was also *this close* to having ice cream for dessert too. But, then I remembered I had cupcakes to eat.

One Red Velvet Cupcake with one Dark Chocolate Adora Disc topper.


TIme to catch up on my DVR.

Gossip Girl calls!


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