Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A post for Maddie just because I can

by Meghann on October 5, 2010

I miss this face.


My traveling schedule has been a little (ok, VERY) crazy this month, so it only made sense to leave her at my parents for the full three weeks instead of shuffling her back and forth for a couple days at a time.


Every night I call my Mom and am able to speak with Maddie for a few minutes at a time on the phone. I happily repeat ” Maddie…. Maddie” into the phone and she responds with “woof. woof. this” and “woof. woof. that” I like to believe she’s telling me about her day and what sort of antics her and her Uncle Scooby have been up to.


Alright, enough Maddie photos! Though, she is a cutie…


Puppy Maddie! How could I resist? 😉

This afternoon I snacked on a mini Cliff Bar. They were handing them out for free at the volunteer tent this weekend and I amy or may not have taken as many as I could fit in my apron pockets. 😉


For dinner I made a real meal – not just a thrown together bowl of random eats a la Meghann – but a full out typical American meal!


My plate looks so funny when everything is all separated and not all mixed together. Odd. 🙂


There was protein. (baked fish)


Vegetable. (roasted asparagus)


Carb. ( yucca)



I wonder if the ice cream for dessert counts as a healthy fat?


No? Darn. I knew I should have covered that yucca with some peanut butter. 😉

New Shows

Did you hear My Generation is already canceled? I’ll admit I was exited when I first heard the concept, but the execution was awful. After 10 minutes I knew the show was doomed.

I’m currently watching Fox’s new Raising Hope and am not a fan either. It’s too ‘Fox’ for my taste if that makes sense.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve found a new Fall TV show to sink my teeth into yet. Unless… does Sister Wives count?!?! Hmmm…

What about you? Any new shows you can’t stop raving about?

Please share!

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