Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I’ll try anything once

by Meghann on September 14, 2010

even when I have a feeling it’s something I shouldn’t.

Let’s take this green powdery substance for instance.


That green powder is precisely 2 tablespoons of the Vega Shake and Go Tropical Smoothie Mix I received as part of my HLS swag last month.

The mix has made an appearance on the blog as part of a smoothie creation in the past, but I’ve been a little apprehensive on using it in the originally intended ‘shake & go’ method. The whole idea scared me.

BUT – as I said up above – I’ll try anything once and I decided this afternoon would be that one time.



Per the directions I added two tablespoons of mix to so many ounces of water and shook.


I had problems getting it to blend. The powder stayed on the bottom and wouldn’t budge.


I need one of those balls that breaks everything up on the bottom. Maybe I’ll steal one of my little brother’s – according to my Dad he has a million of them.


Blah – not good.

My first sips were filled with powder due to the mix’s inability to blend with the water and the drink itself was watery and weak (probably because the powder wouldn’t mix). I drank about 1/3 before I gave up and tossed it out.


Oh well. At least I know it’s still a good addition to smoothies, I just won’t be drinking it on it’s own again. 🙂



This was one of my famous ‘toss it together and make it work’ meals.


I started by cutting an eggplant in half and hollowing each side out before placing them in the oven.

While the eggplant halves were baking for 10 minutes at 400, I cubed the insides and added it to some red quiona, onion, mushrooms, oregano, raisins, and marinara sauce on the stove top.

When the halves were done I stuffed them with the quiona mix and baked them for another 15 minutes.


It could have used some cheese, but all I had was the creamy brie. Instead of searing the brie on top (thought it would be too weird) I smeared it on a wasa cracker on the side.


The stuffed eggplant was simple and delicious. The baked quiona had a nice crunch that I thought paired nicely with the mushy eggplant. 🙂

A couple of hours later I went back to the kitchen for some cantaloupe, chocolate, and kix.


I would like a larger portion of this for breakfast please. 😉

TIme to go sleepy sleep.


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