Thursday, September 2, 2010


by Meghann on September 2, 2010

My prince has come!


Isn’t he charming?

Derek is hard at work trying to figure out how we’re getting to the airport tomorrow morning. Since our flight leaves at 6:30 am – and we need to be there an hour ahead of time – we’ve been a little less than successful at tracking down a friendly lift. Luckily we found a cheap parking lot nearby that includes a free shuttle ride to the airport. The parking lot + shuttle should be cheaper than taking a cab from a nearby friend’s house – at least that’s what we’re counting on after a little research. 🙂

While he figured everything out, I made dinner.


This meal includes pretty much everything left in my fridge. (minus the figs – those were for dessert)


Simplicity has been the theme this week. My meat-less sloppy joe fits in there perfectly.


The meat-less sloppy joe included some meat-less crumbles that I dug out of the freezer. The crumbles were added to some onions and pepper then heated up with a generous portion of ketchup and honey mustard.

I served mine on a slice of spelt toast.


Derek on the other hand was scared to try the spelt bread because I called it spelt bread. I think if I would have called it whole wheat he would not have been the wiser. 😉

Derek also had a problem the roasted broccoli rabe.


He kept asking me if I was sure it was ok to have the leaves on there.


Yes, Derek the leaves are ok to be left on there. 🙂

It didn’t matter to him though, he ate around the leaves anyways.

Le Sigh.

Not sure how long I had a corn on the cob in the back of my fridge, but after roasting in the oven for a few minutes I tasted great.


I told you the figs would make an appearance for dessert. You’ll see them at breakfast too. 😉


Oh wait, you can’t see them.


There they are!

Which photo of my afternoon popcorn do you prefer? I couldn’t decide.









Must. Go. To. Sleep.

We have a 4:00am wake up call tomorrow. Oy vey!

See you in the big apple!

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