Monday, August 16, 2010


by Meghann on August 16, 2010

I have food again!

This afternoon I practically skipped out of work and beelined it straight to Publix. I spent way too much money stocking up on fresh fruit and veggies, but it was worth it. An empty fridge is a sad fridge, but a full fridge is a happy one! 🙂

I had a random half a cantaloupe in my fridge this morning that make a perfect snack this afternoon.


It was a little smooshy and probably well past it’s ‘best before’ date, but it was still refreshing on a rainy, hot afternoon.

For dinner tonight I was craving salmon. Ever since I had a bite of Kath’s salmon salad on Friday, salmon has been on my mind.


I picked up an individualized portion of salmon at Publix and made a simple topping of plain greek yogurt, fresh dill, garlic powder, oregano, S&P. I baked it together at 450 for 15 minutes and had perfectly moist, delicious salmon.


On the side some red quiona.


And brussel sprouts that were cooked on the stovetop with some onions and a little balsamic vinegar.


Dessert was one of Gina’s famous macaroons she had politely handed to me at the summit (Or you know I stalked her and begged until she handed it over. 😉 ) and a new Chocolate Mint Attune bar from my HLS swag bag.


The macaroon was moist and basically melted in my mouth. Macaroons are always extra special to be because I know they’re something that are much to complicated to make on my own, So, when I do get my hands on them I relish and enjoy each and every bite.

The Attune bar was great as well. It tasted like a basic mint chocolate bar, but was full of good for you probiotics that are usually found in yogurt. I also enjoyed the crispies in each bite. My favorite chocolates have a bit of a crunch to them – ditto for ice cream. 😉

Out of curiosity (nudge, nudge – wink, wink) what are some of your favorite blog layouts and what do you love about them?

I feel like I’ve been trying to move and redesign my blog for months not (patience is a virtue, right?) and I’m trying to put a proposal together for what I want in a lay out and honestly I have no clue where to start! There are so many options out there – it’s a little overwelming. But, I would love everyone’s insight and ideas!

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