Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From Fried to Mush

by Meghann on August 10, 2010


If I thought my brain was fried after lunch, then I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like right now. I think it went from fried straight to pure mush. Thank god I had somewhat of a break after work with yoga.

God bless Hot Yoga!

Without it I might be halfway to the looney bin right now. Actually, the looney bin seems like a fun place to be. Padded walls, no work – what’s not to love?

Before yoga I had 1/2 of this Pure Bar. ( I thought I wanted it, but after a couple of bites I was over it)


And a tootsie pop.


I’m would like to add tootsie pops as an aide to my sanity as well. 😉

I dashed homed after hot yoga and made a quick Smoothie in a Bowl for Dinner.


The smoothie had mango, strawberries, PB2, Ice, Flax Seed, Plain Yogurt, and Almond Milk. It was topped with cacao nibs & the last of a bag of granola.


A cool and refreshing smoothie is my new go-to post hot yoga meal. It’s easy and chilling – exactly what I need after the hot intense class.


On the side a Chai Tea Scone.


Then the roof caved in.

I need to give major props to my Healthy Living Summit planning partners ( Kath, Tina, Caitlin, and Heather ) these girls know how to problem solve and handle a crisis like no other! We had a small – well, major – HLS hiccup this evening, but after a 2 hour phone conference I think we all worked it out together.

Seriously, these girls rock!

The hiccup took my stress levels to the top and chocolate was needed during the call.

Luckily the wonderful Sarah had just shipped me a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints (god bless her) and four of the cookies did the trick.


mmm… chocolate is my therapy.

Time to relax my brain.

Good Night

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