Thursday, July 22, 2010

Florida College of Integrative Medicine

by Meghann on July 22, 2010

You may have been asking yourself why I was so excited about my doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

No, I’m not pregnant. (I’m training for a marathon here people!)

I was excited because the doctor’s appointment was at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.


The FCIM is a school that focuses on the teachings of oriental medicine and emphasizes in treating ailments with acupuncture, herbology, and traditional Chinese medical massage. Caitlin’s husband recently graduated from her and when I told her I was having some issues she highly recommended that I test out the student run clinic for help.

I’m always up to try something new and decided to give the clinic a shot.

The student doctor immediately brought me back to the examination room and asked me a variety of questions regarding my lifestyle, eating habits, and any changes I may have noticed regarding my mood or body recently. It was odd being treated by someone that was my age, but I guess I need to learn to get over that? I ain’t getting any younger after all. In truth he was really a great down to earth guy and made me feel comfortable in answering so many person questions.

After thirty minutes of discovery I was diagnosed with a Yin Deficiency. I’m not 100% sure what that means exactly, but I was given a list of dietary recommendations, acupuncture, and a massage to combat the deficiency.

The acupuncture was my favorite part of the visit. It was my first experience with acupuncture and it was just as relaxing and soothing as I always imagined it would be. I pretty much fell asleep on the table. 🙂

I have ann appointment to return in a couple of weeks to check in on my Yin. Let’s hope my yin is in a better place by then. 🙂

The whole appointment oddly wore me out. I returned home tired and ready for bed. I was also hungry and managed to prep a great dinner before passing out.


My 5-minute Black Bean Burger was literally done in 5 minutes. I simply threw a can of black beans, some flax seed, whole wheat flour, bread crumbs, and blue cheese in my food processor then formed a couple of patties that I cooked on the stove top.


I topped my burger with BBQ sauce and roasted red pepper. It was a little mushy, but still tasty.

On the side I had some simple carrot fries that I baked in the oven for 10 minute at 425.


And the last of the left over Harvest Grains mix.


One of Amanda’s Patriotic Blondies for a late dessert. 🙂


I can barely keep my eyes open. Time for bed.

Good Night! 🙂

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