Monday, July 19, 2010

God Bless Yoga

by Meghann on July 19, 2010

You know what the best remedy is for sore muscles? Yoga!

Tonight’s class was amazing. We held downward dog for what seemed like the first 5 minutes or so and I could just feel my muscles stretch, lengthen, and repair themselves all in one move. I almost cried when we went in pigeon. They would have been tears of joy; sweet, sweet joy. 🙂

Before class I had a mix of nuts and cereal as a snack.


After yoga I needed something quick and delicious for dinner. Usually I leave yoga with no appetite, but tonight I was starving. Some quick roasted vegetables and an omelet did the trick.


Fun Fact: this is only the second real omelet I’ve ever made. The first was back in September. 😉


This was a 2 egg omelet that I seasoned with dill and s&p. In the center I had mushrooms, red onion, blue cheese, and dates. Mmmm…


Dates make the best omelet addition. You really can’t go wrong with the sweet/ savory combination. 🙂

While I was creating the perfect omelet, carrots and broccoli were roasting in the oven.


And a piece of pumpernickel bread was toasting in the oven.


Dinner in less than 10 minutes. Gotta love that!


For dessert – a homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookie from Friday night with some cherries.


The cherries were amazing. There is nothing better than fresh, sweet cherries. 🙂

I’m a sucker for fun, cheap cable movies. I’ll never turn down a good Lifetime tear jerker and I immediately head to the DVR when a new ABC family movie is being advertised.

Tonight I’m watching Revenge of the Bridesmaids on ABC family and love it. It’s a cute, light hearted movie and I 100% recommend it. 🙂

What are you watching right now? Anything fun?

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