Thursday, July 8, 2010

Office Olympics

by Meghann on July 8, 2010

My brother likes to joke that I work at The Office.


Let’s see. We have…

  • A CEO with a dry sense of humor
  • Cubicles
  • Sales people
  • A product that serves a congested market
  • A collective group of co-workers called the ‘fun bunch’ who plan parties and game

AND we have Office Olympics…


Yep, that’s right – Office Olympics!


The ‘Fun Bunch’ divided our office into teams a few weeks ago and this afternoon we against each other in rounds of darts, basketball, corn hole, and mini golf.


Oh, did I mention they were also serving beer, wine, chips and dip during the entire event? Rock on!




Sadly my skills were lacking and I’m afraid my team tanked in both darts and basketball. I had to leave during corn hole, but I still have my fingers cross we were going to pull through on that one. 😉 Mama needs some prize money!

While my co-workers dug into the chips and dip, I preferred the cereal, nut, and chocolate mix i had brought from home.


Dinner was consumed on the early side thanks to a bowling date I had with an old friend this evening.


Brown rice with a mix of brussel sprouts, carrots, onion, and meatless meatballs that were cooked in a marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella and fresh basil.


I’ve been looking for a good meatless meatball and this brand was not it.


They tasted off. Not a bad I won’t eat this off, but a I won’t be buying these again off. Morning Star used to have great meatless meatballs that I would buy all the time in college, but sadly I haven’t seen them in a few years. Le sigh.


This afternoon I received a delicious package from my good friend Amanda who recently opened an online bake shop called Homemade by Amanda.


Amanda specializes in delicious made from scratch treats that can pretty much be customized into what ever your heart desires. I’ve been a fan of Amanda’s for years now and am very excited about her new adventure. There are talks of a fun giveaway in the near the future, so please be sure to stay tuned for that. 😉


In honor of Fourth of July Amanda sent me a batch of her Patriotic Blondies that contained dried cherries, white chocolate, and dried blueberries – the good ole red, white, & blue. 🙂


I had 1/2 of one of the gigantic blondies for dessert.


I’m not sure what exactly Amanda does to her blondies to make them so good, but each batch is always better than the last. These were soft, chewy, and basically melt in your mouth delicious. I think the fact that they are slightly undercooked are really what gives them they’re edge. It’s like eating butta. 🙂

After dessert I headed across town to meet my friend, Christie, for $1 game nights at Boardwalk Bowl off colonial. You can’t meet $1 games, right? For 2 games plus shoe rentals our totals each came to $5.00. Score!


With just two people in our lane the two games flew by. It was fun to catch up with Christie on all her upcoming wedding plans. After attending April’s wedding on Saturday and discussing Christie’s plans tonight I have a severe case of wedding fever. All of a sudden I’m filled with all these ideas and no wedding to put them to use on. Boooo… Maybe one day…

Bowling kept me out late and now it’s way past my bedtime. I have another early morning ahead of me tomorrow followed by a day of work and 4 hour drive to Miami. So much for relaxing weekend, at least I know a the spa will be involved. 😉

Good Night!

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