Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Wedding Flashback

by Meghann on July 3, 2010

I’ve never felt more accomplished running 10 miles as I did this morning.

There is something about waking up at the crack of dawn and setting out on a set number of miles you haven’t ran in a couple of months and knowing that the run is going to rock no matter what.

I ran one of my favorite routes around my hometown that actually took me by the bride to be’s house and the church they will be getting married in. It was kind of fun to see everything before the craziness sets in later on in the day.

I finished the 10 miles in around 1:31 and tried as hard as I could to stick to my goal pace of 9:05.

I left a quiet house and returned to a bustling, busy one.


My Dad was hard at work in the kitchen preparing waffles for the full house.


I was really looking forward to waffles. 🙂

I had one and topped it with yogurt and mixed berries.


My Dad makes the best waffles from scratch. His trick is whipping the egg whites before adding them to the batter. Whipped egg whites is a guarantee for light, fluffy waffles everytime.:)


I had one piece of bacon. I <3 bacon.




Now, it’s time to prepare for April and Jason’s wedding! I just ran into the mother of the bride at Publix (yeah – small town) and she was gathering snacks for the bridal party to nibble on as they get ready. So exciting!!

In just a few hours April and Jason will actually be saying ‘I do’ in the same church my parents were married in back in 1982.



My Mom was barely 18 and my Dad was 19. They were babies!


And if you think my Mom was young – get this – my Mom’s mom was only 35(!!) at the time!


Only in the south, right?

We were flipping through my parent’s old wedding album last night and just for giggles decided it would be fun to try on my Mom’s old wedding dress.

My Mom looking gorgeous on her wedding day in 1982…


Kelly and I resembling over laced barbie dolls in 2010.

IMG_0835.jpg IMG_0834.jpg

I’ll admit we did have fun scaring the guys a little. 😉

Have you ever tried on your Mom’s old wedding dress?

My mom gave me full permission to incorporate her old wedding dress into my future wedding dress one day. I was thinking it would be nice to have some of the lace sewn into my future bodice or mixed into the bouquet. 🙂

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