Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something Rash

by Meghann on June 17, 2010

I did something rash today… I purchased a MacBook Pro.

I tried to have my twitter friends stop me, but all they did was encourage me – bad twitter friends! [Many thanks to those of you who did try to bring me back to sanity. 😉 ]

Truth is I have been considering an upgrade for a while. I LOVE my white MacBook, but I lust after the larger internal hard drive the pro offers (I splurged and upgraded to the 500G) as well as the back lit keyboard, faster ram, SD card slot, sleek design, etc. I see this purchase as an investment into my blogging future. 😉

My newest addition arrives next week – I can’t wait!! 🙂 Now she just needs a name. Hmmm…. MaryBeth the MacBook? Patricia the Pro? This is a toughie!

This afternoon I had a homemade trail mix of cheerios, dark chocolate edamame, crasins, and rolled dates.


I met my sister at hot yoga after work.

MAJOR props to Kelly who was finally able to master crow this evening!! I looked over and saw her holding strong and was ‘this close’ to cheering out loud. It’s a pose she’s been trying to conquer for a while, so I know being able to hold it was a big moment for her. Way to go Kelly!!

After yoga came dinner.


Brussel sprouts


Eggplant Fries!!


These eggplant fries were vegan. I was out of eggs so I used a ‘flax egg’ wash to coat the eggplant before dunking them in the bread crumbs. I then baked at 375 for 10 minutes and then flipped and baked for another 10 minutes. The flax egg was the perfect sub, the bread crumbs stuck to the fries and the fries were crispy instead of greasy. Perfect.

Marinara sauce was required for dipping.




Dessert 😉


Tomorrow is Friday!!! Yippee!!!


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