Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex & The City 2

by Meghann on May 28, 2010

“We made a deal ages ago. Man, babies, doesn’t matter. We’re soulmates.”


Loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Maybe it’s because I’m a diehard Sex and the City fan or maybe it’s because I’m a romantic at heart, but I thought the movie was fabulous. It had heart, it made me laugh, and I got to catch up with my favorite girls. What’s not to love?

I think what I enjoyed the most was how they could have easily divided the movie into three parts and had three episodes from the original series. The movie read just like the original series. Which – in my opinion – all movies based off of television series should do.

If you loved the series then you will love the movie. If you’ve never seen an episode of the show then you may be a little lost, but that’s ok. Either way it’s a good laugh and a cute movie to see with the girls!


Kelly and I saw the 7:00 pm showing at a smaller theater and were able to avoid some of the crazy crowds.

There was a bit of a line, but nothing too bad – trust me I’ve seen worse!


I saved a little $$ by packing my own dinner for the theater.



While the previews began to play I ate my ricotta cheese, strawberry jam, raisins, and spinach pita.


I had dreamt up this combination a couple of days ago and have been saving it for this occasion. I knew the sweet combination would be perfect movie watching fuel. It was a delicious pita and reminded me of a bagel with cream cheese and jam. Yum!.


After the pita I started on my pre-packed carrots with Naturally Nutty Peanut Butter.


What’s a movie without popcorn?


After swooning over Aiden and Big, we headed to Coldstone for a sweet treat.

I asked for a kid’s cone of cake batter and crunch candy bar.


I had originally said a ‘kid’s cone’ but the guy accidentally made a like it cup. He scooped the kid’s size amount into a cone and went ahead and gave me the rest of what was in the like it cup.


It’s the weekend! Woo hoo!!

I have a long bike ride planned the morning and then no plans the rest of the day. It’s such a strange feeling not to have any plans! I better soak it in. 🙂

Good Night!

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May 28, 2010

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