Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Window Distractions

by Meghann on May 18, 2010

I love having a desk near the windows.

I love seeing the sunshine, I love the pretty blue skies, and I love knowing that there is a whole world that moves at lightening speed outside while I am chained to my desk inside.

I especially love how distracting the window can be.

Exhibit A:


They’re installing new power lines outside of my my office and it just so happens my co-workers have the perfect view of what’s going on.


We must have spent 30 minutes watching them put the new pole up yesterday and then how they took the old one apart today.


Boy, am I glad chain sawing an old wooden power pole from an unstable cherry picker bucket is NOT in my job description.


See how this can be distracting to watch?!?!


At least I had a snack of mixed nuts to enjoy while watching the whole process.


Tomorrow I’ll bring popcorn for the whole office if they’re still out there. 😉

The idea for today’s lunch actually hit me while I was chowing down on nut butter crust fries with bbq sauce yesterday. I mean carrots + nut butter + bbq sauce is good in fry form, why wouldn’t it be good in sandwich form too?!?!


I made an Ultimate Carrot Dog using roasted carrot (I roasted this morning), a sprouted bun, arugula, almond butter, and finished it all with my extra special addition of bbq sauce!


Oh me, oh my. This was good! The bbq sauce was the perfect touch to take my Ultimate carrot Dog over the top. It gave a very sweet touch and blended very nicely with the almond butter.


Just think of almond butter and bbq sauce as the new mustard and ketchup. 😉

With my carrot dog I had some Sour Cream & Onion Pop Chips and broccoli.


Biking to Work?

I did the math today and it turns out I live exactly 4.3 miles from work.  Hmmm…. this got me thinking, maybe I should experiment with riding my bicycle to work one day this week?

What do you think? Should I give it a try?

And if so, what do I do once I get to work regarding the sweat and the odor?

Decisions. Decisions.

A Mid-Week Treat

Tonight I’m treating my supervisor to a night out on the town. I have free tickets to the opening of Spring Awakening at Bob Carr Theater and I invited her along as my date.

We’re going to get a quick bite to eat downtown and then head to the show. I LOVE Broadway shows and I can not wait to see this one. It’s suppose to be a little racy, but very good!

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