Monday, May 17, 2010

Drawing Memories from Food

by Meghann on May 17, 2010

A couple of summers ago my family rented a beautiful cabin in the Smokey Mountains for week of hiking, exploring, and relaxing.



And when I say we hiked, I mean we hiked!



One day we did a grueling 8 mile hike that took us right up the mountain.



The breathtaking prize for our efforts.


Hiking takes A LOT of energy and requires a lot of snacks. Somewhere along the way the 6 of us finished 2 packages of Fig Newtons. Mmmm… Fig Newtons rock! They seriously make the best trail snacks!

Now every time I see a Fig Newton I am automatically reminded of that trip to Smoky Mountains and that hike where I stuffed myself silly of Fig Newtons. It’s a good memory to draw from. 🙂

Of course, fig newtons are not just for hikes, they make great snacks too.


On Saturday I grabbed a few packages of Fig Newtons from the snack stations at Discovery Cove and had one today as a pre-yoga snack. I was right!

Hot yoga was awesome, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. 🙂

Tonight’s practice was lighter than normal. We concentrated on our backs and by the end I felt like I had just had a deep tissue massage. *swoon* I really needed that.

I really enjoy that after class I’m never very hungry. This gives me enough time to make a real meal in the kitchen, rather than throwing something random together or heating something up from the freezer.

Tonight I took my time and made black bean burgers.


The black bean burger was rather simple to make. I had about 1/2 a cup of black beans in the fridge that I added to my mini food processor with whole wheat bread crumbs, flax seed, chili powder, and s&p. I spun until everything was combined, then made a patty that I heated on the stove top.


I topped the finished product with fresh avocado and salsa. The combination was simple, yet delicious.


My plate was complete with a side of fresh green beans


And corn.



For dessert I had some dark mint chocolate with a couple of strawberries.


Maddie is ready for bed


And so am I. 🙂

Good Night!

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