Saturday, May 8, 2010

Swim, Work, Eat

by Meghann on May 8, 2010

Oh, what a productive Saturday I’ve had! I’ve been going non-stop since 6:00am and am just now getting a chance to catch my breath at 11:00pm!

After breakfast I met my cousin Candice at Lucky Lake Swim.


After I posted about the swim a couple of weeks ago Candice informed me that she would like to join me on my next swim. Back in the day Candice was a pretty bad-ass swimmer and she has been trying to get back into it.


I was in a bit of a time crunch so I couldn’t do the whole swim by Candice’s side and I unfortunately had to book it out of there before she reached the banks. However, I did see her after the turn around and she was still chugging along. Candice did manage to finish and I’m sad I missed it.

Candice – next time I promise to be by your side as you kick that swim’s butt!

The 1 km swim ended up taking me a little less than 30 minutes. It was really just the right amount of time I needed for a quick change before heading to my next gig all the way in Disney World. 🙂

A few weeks ago I signed on to work a few local expos for SpiBelt.


If you are unfamiliar with SpiBelt – it’s a great pouch to wear when your running. Mine can hold my phone, cameras, keys, and gate card with no problems.


I love my spibelt and am very excited to be working with such a great company!

The expo I worked today was in honor of the Danskin Triathlon at Disney World.


The company had sent me all the materials earlier this week. Basically I had to turn this…


….to this in 30 minutes. 🙂


I had fun interacting with everyone at the race and even managed to sell a few spibelts (go me!). I’ve also concluded I want to participate in the Danskin Triathlon next year… just sayin. 😉

Since I was on my feet all day by myself at the booth, lunch was pretty random and spread out through the day.


I started with a Z-bar


Moved on to my arugula, hummus, goat cheese, tomato, and tomato wrap




and finished off with a chobani + rolled oats.



I had to book it after the expo to meet my family in Daytona Beach for my sister’s birthday.



Kelly requested we at Bubba Gumps in Daytona for her 23rd birthday.


IMG_6803 IMG_6806 IMG_6804

I joined the birthday girl in a beer.


I ordered the Salmon and Veggies and politely requested they leave the sauce off.


I stole a couple of my Mom’s coconut shrimp. Coconut shrimp are a big favorite of mine! 🙂


Birthday singing!



Post – dinner Coldstone action.


Kid cone of birthday cake batter and reeses


We moved on to Mai Tai for a little more celebrating, but I stuck to water. 🙂

IMG_6871 IMG_6875 IMG_6870

I actually felt pretty bad that I had to come back to the hotel room (did I mention my parents’ sprung for hotel rooms for the night?) while everyone continued to party, but I can barely keep my eyes open!

I need sleep ASAP!

Good night!!

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