Saturday, April 17, 2010

House of India

by Meghann on April 17, 2010

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining with some fabulous local Miami bloggers at House of India.


Don’t you just love is when restaurants have original names like ‘House of India’ or ‘Thai Place’ or ‘New York Style Pizza’??? If I ever open my own restaurant one day I am going to call it ‘Mystery Meat’ and make it 100% vegetarian just to throw people for a loop. 😉




I always try to order something new when I dine at an Indian restaurant. Tonight the Navrantam Korma was speaking to me.


I ordered the dish medium and came out with a great level of heat. 🙂


Naan is probably one of my favorite parts of dining at Indian restaurants. Instead of the usual whole wheat naan, tonight I decided to order the stuffed naan with spicy potatoes and tomato for the table.


The stuffed naan reminded me of pizza with out the sauce. It was stilly just chewy and delicious as regular naan, but now had a little bit off extra flavor and a kick to it.


My plate was perfect because everyone ordered something different and everyone was willing to share. I got a little taste of everything and had no complaints.


Thanks to Jessie, Melissa, Meredith, and Jules for letting me crash on your dinner plans tonight. It was great to meet you all. 🙂


Everyone please cross your fingers for NO rain tomorrow morning! There are plans for a scenic bike ride in the everglades and I really don’t want to miss it!

Thanks 🙂

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