Wednesday, March 31, 2010


by Meghann on March 31, 2010

I’m a sucker for cute packaging…



and Stonyfield knows how to deliver.



A few months ago Stonyfield introduced their new Caramel and Chocolate Oikos Flavors.


I’ve been in complete awe of the new flavors, so when Stonyfield offered a couple of samples of my own to review how could I say no?!?! 🙂


I tried the caramel this afternoon with a little granola.


Wow! This wasn’t any regular ole yogurt – oh no – this was dessert! The caramel oikos was very sweet and delectable. I can see why they only sell it in the small cups, anymore would be a bit too much.

All in all thought it was great balance of rich caramel and tangy greek yogurt. I can’t wait to try the chocolate tomorrow. 🙂

After work I attempted to attend the hour long Power Class at my gym, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I attempted to increase my weight and may have went a bit to high. The whole class I felt sluggish and weak. I had he take multiple breaks and left feeling very blah.

This is exactly why I like to exercise in the morning. After work I have no energy and lose interest in the moves too easily. 🙁 It’s something I need to work on.

Dinner tonight followed the same lazy effort I put into the power class.


1/2 bowl = spaghetti squash


1/2 bowl = kale sauteed with leek and a little olive oil


Topped off with pre-baked tofu and marinara sauce



I hate to admit it, but these caramels may or may not have been in my fridge since the Foodbuzz Festival back in November.


I guess tonight was as good of a night as any to give them a try, right?


I had two mouth watering caramels for dessert.


Plus a little bowl of strawberries


Shaklee Winner…

The winner of the Shaklee H2 organic cleaner is…

Picture 2.png

Congrats Emily! Sned me an e-mail at to collect your prize!

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