Wednesday, March 10, 2010

…and its all thanks to this lovely lady.


Meet my friend Sarah. She is ripped.

Exhibit A


Check out those biceps!

Sarah is a sweetheart as well as a great friend. After I posted about how clueless I was around the weights last week, Sarah immediately e-mailed me and asked if I wanted her to show me the ropes. Ummmm… Yes please!

She also promised with her help I could look like in 30 days or less! Ha!

Well… not really, but she did agree to meet me after work this afternoon for a quick lesson on arms and weights.


Sarah spent an hour breaking down a few basic rules for strength training with me. She explained which moves worked what arm muscles, how many sets should be directed towards those muscles, and how I should approach each session.

It was a lot to take in – good thing Sarah was writing most of it down so I could remember!


Tomorrow we’re attacking legs. This should be interesting!

Thanks Sarah for taking the time to teach me a thing or two in the gym today! Maybe next week I can break down some speed work outs on the track for you? 😉

I knew dinner was going to be late tonight, so before I left work I had a Bumble Bar.


By the time I did make it home it was close to 7:30 and I was STARVING! A quick and filling meal was a must!


I walked in the door and immediately put a sweet potato in the microwave for 5 minutes before taking Maddie out. By the time Maddie was ready to come back in, the sweet potato was done and just needed another minute in the microwave with some black beans and salsa.


I then quickly heated up some left over roasted asparagus


And toasted some bread


I was sitting down and eating dinner, before I even had time to take my shoes off or change my clothes. I was on a mission and my stomach thanked me for thinking of it first. 🙂

I had a mish mosh of chocolates, dried cranberries, and animal crackers for dessert.


I’m wiped! TIme to get some shut eye.

Good Night!

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