Thursday, March 4, 2010


by Meghann on March 4, 2010

For the past two years I’ve been what one might consider ‘anti-gym.’

Well maybe not so much ‘anti-gym’ as I was anti – being locked in to spending $XX a month. Especially when I felt I could a decent work out at home with a pair of running shoes, work out dvds, and hand weights.

However, over the last month or so I’ve found myself lusting over spinning classes, body pump, treadmills with TVs built in, real weights, and a heated olympic sized pool that I could begin training for my next triathlon in. I want a real gym membership and all the fun amenities that comes with it.

I’ve been researching gyms in my area for the last couple of weeks and found one down the street that includes everything I wanted, plus a couple of things I didn’t know I wanted (hello, techno-key equipment!). I had a tour yesterday and decided to take advantage of the free week pass before I signed any paperwork.

If yesterday was my introduction to the gym, then today was our first date. 😉 I headed there straight from work to get a good 30 minute session in at the pool. So far, so good. The pool was warm, there was plenty of open lanes, and everyone seemed really nice and friendly. Yippee!!

Tomorrow I’m going to test out the state of the art treadmills and weight machines and Sunday or Monday I plan on testing out one of the nifty classes. I think this is a start of a beautiful relationship!

Before I headed to the gym I fueled up with a homemade granola bar.


Dinner tonight was based in layers.

Layer #1 – Okra, ham, and eggplant that I heated on the stove top in a little olive oil


Layer #2 – 1 serving of ravioli



Layer #3 – Marinara sauce


All together


with a piece of cornbread that really didn’t fit in with the meal, but still tasted delicious.


Dessert was half of a bagel thin with almond butter, fresh strawberries, and chocolate.


mmm… chocolate + strawberries + almond butter = perfection!

Everyone please keep my Mom in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning. She is having an unexpected routine surgery and needs all the good vibes she can get.


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