Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Party Time

by Meghann on February 25, 2010

I’ve been so busy at work lately that I had almost completely forgot our company’s quarterly meeting was this afternoon. How could I forget such an exciting event?

Each quarter we have a company wide meeting where the whole office comes together to discuss current and future initiatives. Its basically an hour of “Go, Team, Go!” 🙂

But, the best part happens after the meeting, when its time to party.




This quarter was Mardi Gras themed.



Dig in everyone!



Everyone say “Hi Mike!”


He wanted to be on the blog. 😉

The best part was the cake!


You see that?


That’s me!

I have this rule where if a cake has my name on it, then I have to have a piece.


It was good cake too. White cake from Publix with strawberry filling. Delicious!

It was nice to mingle with my co-workers for a bit, but I had to cut out of the party early so that I could finish up some work at my desk. I ended up leaving the office pretty late and by the time I got home I was ready for a quick, filling meal.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a BBQ Stir Fry for the last couple days and was excited to finally have the chance to test it out tonight.


The inspiration came from the BBQ Tempeh I picked up from Whole Foods on Sunday.


I started with a sweet potato that I chopped into small cubes and sauteed on the stove top with a little olive oil and onions. Once the sweet potato was soft I added broccoli, mushrooms, apple, tempeh, spinach, and bbq sauce.


When everything was done I topped the stir fry veggies with some whole wheat cous cous and blue cheese.


Once again, I am a genius! All the flavors melted together perfectly. This is a great quick meal I am sure you will see again and again on here. 🙂

I ended the evening with some strawberries and dark chocolate cover edamame.



For those of you who were inquiring where you could purchase your own Fit & Fresh Breakfast Chiller, you can do so directly from their site by clicking here. I think they are selling for $10? Fit & Fresh have A LOT of other great containers on their site! Including the Deluxe Lunch Chiller which I am very close to purchasing myself!

I’m off to pack for my crazy racing weekend!

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