Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Out to Dinner

by Meghann on February 24, 2010

What a day! What a day!

After taking two hours out of my morning to pick up the awesome Chevy Traverse, I was pretty swamped the rest of the afternoon at work. 100% worth it. 😉

I had to stay later than usual in the office to make up the time. Good thing I was well prepared with snacks to keep my grumbling tummy at bay until I was able to get home.


I had the mini peanut butter larabar at 3:30 and the fruit leather an hour later.

In order to keep my Echo from becoming too jealous of the Traverse, I decided to loan my car to my Dad for the next four weeks. My Dad drives a gas guzzling Expedition and I knew he would appreciate my 40 miles to the gallon Echo.

Him and my brother made the trip to Orlando this evening to pick up the Echo and grab a bite to eat. We headed to my Dad’s favorite Cuban restaurant – Habana Grill – where there just happened to be a $9.95 “buenos on a budget’ deal going on.


I order the Sancocho which was a Puerto-Rican Stew made with root vegetables, plantains, corn, carrots, and meat.


The meal started with warm cuban bread.


I love Habana Grill and have had some amazing meals here, but the stew wasn’t that great.


The soup was kind of bland – I should have added some hot sauce or something. I ended up eating all the vegetables and leaving the meat behind.


The soup was served with white rice and tostones.


I only had a little of the rice and traded one of the tostones for a sweet plantain that came on my Dad’s plate.

Isn’t my brother a cutie?


I had bites of both my dad’s and brother’s meals and instantly wished I had ordered either of theirs. Oh well. You live, you learn, then you return and order something better the next time. 😉

When I got back home I had the last of he macaroons Brittany had sent me and a Godiva chocolate from my Valentine’s stash.


I’m having blood work done in the morning which means I need to fast until the blood is taken at 7:30am. ‘Fasting’ is not a fun word in my head. I will just have to pack an extra yummy breakfast to enjoy as soon as they are done. 🙂

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