Monday, February 22, 2010

Belated Birthday Lunch

by Meghann on February 22, 2010

As a belated gappy birthday treat my supervisor treated me to lunch today at one of my favorite Orlando restaurants – Bosphorus.


Bosphorus is a Turkish Cuisine restaurant off of Park Avenue in Winter Park that is famous for their grand presentations of lavas bread and wonderful food. I had been once before with my parents and have been dying to go back ever since.

When my supervisor asked me where I wanted to go for lunch I told her ‘somewhere fun’ and this place fit the bill perfectly!

We lucked out with great weather during our noon lunch hour and decided it was only fitting to dine outside. I love restaurants that ever offer the option of dining outside, it just brings the overall experience to a whole other level on days like today. 🙂

We started with the lavas hollow bread


This thing is massive. I was in carb lovers heaven. 🙂


We shared the babaganoush for our dip.


The bread was just as amazing as I remembered. It was hot, steamy, and the perfect pairing with the babaganoush. By the end of the meal we had consumed about half of the bread and demolished all of the dip. 🙂


I knew I would be filling up with bread so I tried to keep it light for my entrée. The white bean salad caught my eye on the menu.


The salad was very fresh. It had a wonderful tart vinaigrette dressing that’s flavor was only enhanced by the addition of fresh cilantro and mint.

Thanks to my large bread consumption I could barely eat half of my salad. I can not wait to enjoy my lovely feast of left overs for lunch again tomorrow.


Shelley had ordered the chicken adana that were beautifully plated and smelled wonderful.


I had a small bite of the chicken and swooned. The chicken was very well seasoned and only left my mouth wanting to try more. Delicious!

For dessert Shelley ordered each of us our own baklava so that I “could have extra to take home and enjoy later” – Love her!


The baklava had a rich pistachio filling that was both nutty and sweet. I savored and enjoyed one of the baklava wedges and took the other two home to enjoy later on.

Bosphorous was the perfect choice for my belated birthday lunch – it had a great atmosphere, great food, and was a nice change up from any of our regular lunch spots.


This morning I tried to make it to lunch with out a snack, but my stomach started grumbling before 10:00. I snacked on some trail mix to tide me over until my big lunch of delicious bread. 🙂


After lunch my afternoon kind of got away from me. I had to put out a few small fires at work and before I knew it it was after 5:00 and time to go home. 🙂

Eggplant was on my mind for dinner. I was trying to think outside the box and came up with a funky twist on eggplant parmesan.


I started with sliced eggplant that I battered in egg white and bread crumbs.



I baked the eggplant at 415 degrees for 15 minutes or until the crust was a nice golden color.


This is where the fun twist comes into play. 😉

I layered one eggplant with a slice of this ham I had picked up at Whole Foods on Sunday.


(Love ham!)

Then tomato, blue cheese, and spinach.


Top the layered eggplant the empty one and coat with a healthy dose of marinara sauce.


Bake at 415 for 10 minutes.


Wowza. Not bad if I say so myself. 😉


The layers is what made this dish stand out.


The slice of ham didn’t hurt either. 😉

For dessert I had another wedge of my baklava from lunch.


There is still one piece of the baklava calling my name to be enjoyed tomorrow. 🙂

Today was a day full of good eats. Happy Mouth + Happy Tummy = Happy Meghann!

Now its time to get some good sleep.

Good Night!

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