Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coconut Shrimp

by Meghann on February 16, 2010

My snack this afternoon just goes to prove that almond butter really does go on everything.


Ms. Dried Mango please meet Mr. Almond Butter


A match made in heaven. πŸ™‚


I found this left over jar of Barney Butter from the Healthy Living Summit that was hiding in my closet.


I think I found the perfect replacement for my secret jar. πŸ˜‰

I had picked up some random shrimp at Publix on Sunday without much thought on what to do with them.


You should have seen the guy’s face when I asked for only half a dozen shrimp. He looked at the basically empty baggie of shrimp then at me and asked if I was sure I didn’t want him to throw in a couple more. I just smiled. From years of living on my own I knew six would be the perfect portion for just me and I’m all about perfectly portioned for one meals. πŸ˜‰

After a bit of brainstorming this afternoon, I knew exactly what the shrimp were going to be: Coconut Shrimp!


I used to LOVE coconut shrimp growing up! There is something about the sweet and savory combination that always made my mouth happy.

For the Coconut Shrimp I stuck with a basic recipe that I sort of just made up as I went.

I started by toasting some coconut in oven at 420 for 5 minutes and added some whole wheat bread crumbs to bulk the toasted coconut up.


For the wet I went the simple route with basic egg whites.


Each shrimp was then dunked in the egg white and then in the toasted coconut before going on the baking sheet.


The shrimp went in the oven at 420 for 10 minutes and were flipped halfway through.

The results were crispy, coconutty shrimp. Nom Nom Nom


They were – dare I say it – the perfect healthier counterpart of one of my favorite restaurant treats.


To round out my dinner I had a few rutabaga fries


And some frozen okra that were heated up quickly in the mircowave


Amanda’s Blondies came out for dessert.


As well as a piece of my Godiva chocolate from Valentine’s Day.

I believe there were some requests for Maddie photos…




Maddie was born to be on the side of a bag of dog food. πŸ˜‰

Time to relax and enjoy the rest of my evening.

Good Night!

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