Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meghann the Busy Bee

by Meghann on February 3, 2010

Whoa! Talk about a busy day!

Sorry for not posting earlier, but my one hour meeting this morning turned into a five hour meeting. Yikes! It was a good thing though because we were able to get a LOT accomplished. I am going to be a very busy worker bee the next couple of months, but it will be worth it. 🙂

I actually ended up running a last minute errand this morning and in the rush to leave I remembered my snack, but forgot my camera. Booo…

So, sadly I wasn’t able to take a picture of the Chickpea Blondie and dried fruit I nibbled on while driving to Office Max, but in case you are curious it looks very similar to the snack I had yesterday. Just click here for the visual. 😉

Don’t worry I made sure to have my camera for lunch.


My meal was quick as I only had 45 minutes as opposed to my usual hour to shovel food into my mouth. In my experience left over always make the quickest meals, which is why I heated up the left over Barley Pilaf for lunch today.


On the side/ for dessert I had some cantaloupe with almond butter.


Mmmm… tasty. The almond butter was like icing on the cantaloupe.


My lunch took less than 3 minutes to prepare, it filled my tummy, and satisfied my taste buds. I had no problems making it back to office right on time.

I was really craving chocolate this afternoon and for some reason I thought eating an Amazing Grass Bar would fix it.


It didn’t.

I ate half the bar before realizing it wasn’t what I wanted. I saved the other half of the bar for another day and had a dark chocolate nut cluster instead.


Much better! I need to learn to always listen to my craving. One piece of chocolate is usually all it takes! 🙂

I got home from the office pretty late and the only thing on my mind was pizza!


I <3 Pizza!

I used the last of my farmer’s market flatbread to produce my personal sized pizza. The flatbreads make really great crunchy crusts. I need to remember to pick more up asap!


  • Marinara Sauce
  • Fakin Bacon
  • Olives
  • Red Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Cheese


I paired the pizza with some fresh broccoli to add a little green to my plate.



Nothing goes better with a long day than a small bowl of peppermint ice cream.


Topped with a TJ Candy Cane Joe Joe.


Sorry if this post is a bit weak, but I’m pooped and ready to sleep. I hope my answers below make up for it.

Good Night!

Questions & Answers

Question: How do you honor your hunger? Do you typically give in to any and all food cravings? With how much you workout do you find yourself always hungry? Like you, I am very active and because of this I feel like a bottomless pit!!! I am curious how you go about this! Thanks =)

I honor my hunger by constantly feeding myself throughout the day. I’ve found if I were to go to long without eating that I begin to get cranky and ravenous, so I try to prevent that from happening.

I enjoy three meals and two snacks a day. This means I am eating every 3-4 hours during the day and usually my hunger is right on cue with that.

Over time I have learned what is going to satisfy my hunger and what is not. I have also learned based on my activity level in the morning how great the hunger will be. Its really all about learning what works best for your body and this is just what works for me.

Question: Don’t you EVER just want to eat a bag of Dorito’s? How is it that you can eat only a sample size bag of M & M’s? Does your willpower *ever* take a hike? 🙂

Well, truthfully this isn’t a fair question because I really don’t like Doritos and was never a big chip fan for that matter. 😉 I’ve never really been a big junk food fan either. (I think I ODed on it growing up) I’m honestly trying to think of something I could just eat a big bag of, but I can’t.

The sample size bag of M&Ms is just enough to subdue my chocolate craving. Once the chocolate craving is met I have no desire for it anymore. I wish I knew where that willpower came from. I guess it just developed over time?

My willpower does tend to take a hike when I go to fun restaurants or on vacation. Those are the times I feel like living it up, not when I’m bored at my desk.

Question: How do you prevent injury? You work out a ton, but you never seem to get injured, even after a marathon. What’s your secret?

Shhh…. you are going to jinx me! 😉

Truth is I injured myself during my first marathon. I did something to the back of my leg and had to take a month off from running to recover. For my second marathon I stuck to a proper training schedule and attribute that to my injury free success.

*knock on wood*

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