Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mystery Soup

by Meghann on February 2, 2010

In case you missed it I added Derek’s response to the end of my lunch post. I highly recommend you check it out. Definitely a must read! 😉

This afternoon I broke out a delicious Pineapple Chobani for my afternoon snack.


The pineapple flavor has to be one of the best yogurts out there. Chobani has a winner here. I’m so happy my local Publix finally has these on the shelves.


I had plans this evening to meet Ashley for a trampoline cardio class and knew I didn’t want to eat dinner before a class full of jumping. I also knew I wouldn’t be able to make it through the whole class on an empty stomach.

So, instead of eating dinner at my regular time, I had a small snack and held off until after class for a late dinner.

small snack = [re]fuel square


Trampoline Cardio was a blast!



It was definitely more of a work out than I remembered from the last time I came to Rebounderz. By the end I was sweating and exhausted. I wish this place was closer to my apartment! If it were I would probably going every day just to have some fun!


If you are in the Orlando area I highly suggest you check out the Rebounderz class at least once! They offer cardio classes Monday – Thursday at 7:00pm and the first class is free!


Many thanks to Ashley for inviting me out tonight! We spent thirty minutes after class just playing catch up. Love this girl!


I came home hungry, exhausted, and immediately pulled a frozen mystery soup from the freeze.


I really need to get better at labeling food before it goes in the freezer. :/

Oh well. Good thing I have a handy dandy blog to fall back on!

After a little searching I was able to determine the mystery soup was actually a Butternut Squash & Pear Soup I had made back in December.


Mystery or not, the soup was still delicious topped with some cashews.


With the soup I had a piece of toast topped with hummus and swiss cheese.



For dessert I had 1/2 of one of Amanda’s Peanut Butter Cup Blondies.


It was a tad freezer burnt, but the peanut buttery cup goodness made up for it. 🙂

It’s way past my bed time, but before I go here are a few more Q&As for ya.

Good Night!

Question: You seem like such a perfect eater who never overeats. How do you resist snacking in the evening after you’ve had your dinner and perfectly reasonable dessert? I always go overboard…

I actually get this question a lot and have thought long and hard about my answer. The conclusion? I believe I go to bed way too freaking early for the hunger to return.

I eat dinner around 6:30, dessert around 7:30, blog around 8:00, and usually crawl into bed with a book and a hot cup of tea around 9:00. I believe if I stayed up any later then I probably would start to feel snacky, but going to bed the same time as my three year old cousin doesn’t allow the time for those urges to appear.   

Question: Does eating a lot of roughage ever get “rough” on you tummy?

Not at all. I am as regular as a person can be and have never had a problem in that department. 😉

Question: Do you usually eat everything on your plate? Especially at restaurants?

If I prepared it at home then more thank likely I have licked my plate clean. At restaurants it all depends. I judge my plate on portion size and how heavy the meal is. Depending on that I will eat until I feel satisfied or clean my plate. Usually I know how to order just enough food to fill me up and will eat everything provided.

Question: Your family doesn’t seem to eat the healthiest foods (I see your dad cooks a lot of decadent breakfasts) and my family is quite similar. How do you deal with eating healthy when there’s all that temptation around??

Yes, my Dad is famous for being heavy handed with butters and sauces. It’s no secret his favorite celebrity chef is Paula Dean and that every meal he produces is based around a meat. Lucky for me I have the best Daddy in the world and he is always willing to compromise. I’ve always, always been a picky eater so this is nothing new.

My Dad is really good about lightening up his meals when ever possible when my sister and I are home. If I ask nicely he’ll steam the veggies instead of coating them in butter or will sub a sweet potato for a white potato.

However, there are some things (such as his biscuits and gravy) that are just too good to change. In that case I still enjoy it on my plate, just in a much smaller serving. I also round out the plate with lots of fresh fruit or veggies.

Question: Do you plan your meals for the week? or do you decide what to eat, right before the meal?

It depends. Sometimes at the beginning of the week I feel inspired with a lot of great meals ideas and plan accordingly. However, some weeks I have no clue what I want (like this week). In those cases I try to imagine a great meal while I’m at work, or I stand in front of the fridge for 10 minutes until something pops out at me.

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