Friday, January 29, 2010

Ask Away

by Meghann on January 29, 2010

T-minus 3 hours until my hair cut! AND until me weekend starts! Yippee!

This morning I nibbled on some pretzel nubbins.


These were just plain ole nubbins. I was really missing the peanut butter inside. 🙂

Lunch was very refreshing!


I made a sandwich with hummus, swiss cheese, cucumbers, sprouts, and tomato.


I love sandwiches like these where I just feel good eating it.


For extra crunch I had carrot sticks and almond butter on the side.


My favorite dipping combination.


Ask Me Anything..

I’ve decided to take the plunge and jump on the ‘Ask Me Anything’ bandwagon. I know its a little lame copying so many wonderful bloggers who started this trend, but I’m really curious to hear what you guys have to ask.

Its completely anonymous so please click here and, well, ask me anything! 🙂

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