Monday, January 25, 2010

Dessert Before Dinner

by Meghann on January 25, 2010

Who says dessert has to come after dinner? Certainly, not I. 😉


The other week I accidently sent my ring flying across the room when I took my glove off and the ring with it. I took that as a sign my ring needed to resized.


I’ve had this ring for just over two years; its about time I sized it to actually fit my finger. 😉

After work I met Katy at Jared’s where I dropped my ring off and she had her earrings inspected. Then we did what any other self respecting adults would do right before dinner…  

We got frozen yogurt. Yum!


Katy had been wanting to try the new self serve frozen yogurt place down the street and since they know me by name there I figured I would show her the ropes.


I think she enjoyed it. 🙂

Before I left work I snacked on regular ole yogurt with granola.


Not as good as the frozen stuff, but still pretty darn tasty.

I was afraid the froyo would spoil my dinner, but honestly froyo isn’t very filling. A couple of hours later I was more than ready for a real meal, plus I was excited to execute my pizza idea with the new flat bread I purchased.


However, I was sad to discover I was all out of marinara sauce. 🙁

Meet my replacement.


BBQ pizza. Yum!


I topped my flat bread with bbq sauce, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, goat cheese, and some sun dried tomato chicken sausages I purchased at Publix yesterday.


It went in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes and came out nice and crispy.


I was right, the flat bead made the perfect pizza crust! It was extra crispy and delicious.


Now that I have had both my dessert and dinner I am more than ready for bed.

Good Night!

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